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Precise Production Planning for Sales and Operations with SAP IBP

At the same time, optimised production planning makes an important contribution to sustainability. The forecasts will become even more accurate in the future: SAP S/4HANA enables even closer integration of planning, and availability checks against material and / or customer will also be possible.

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • Long-term trusting relationship based on previous successful projects
  • Fitting IT concept and profound consulting expertise matching the complex customer requirements
  • High level of commitment and apposite solutions

With NTT DATA Business Solutions, we have enhanced both quality and response time in our production planning. The competent consulting service provided the right answers and solutions for our complex requirements. We are now benefiting from precise forecasts, transparency and planning reliability.

Alexander Dehnelt, Chief Sales Officer, Diehl Brass Solutions

Industry: Metal processing

Products: Copper alloys, rods, tubes, profiles, cell contact systems, metal forming parts, pin fin heat sinks, synchronizer rings, press-fit zones, metal-plastic hybrid parts

Employees: 2,821 (2021)

Sales: 863 million euros (2021)

Website: www.diehl.com/metall/en/

Challenges, Benefits & Solutions


  • Need for planning process transparency
  • Requirement for provision of valid planning data
  • Susceptibility to errors from manual analyses
  • Need to ensure smooth production flows and reliable delivery dates for end customers


  • Optimization of Sales & Operations Planning (SOP)
  • Valid and transparent planning key figures in real time
  • Faster response to changes in demand or capacity situation and user-friendly user interface
  • Efficient means of ensuring delivery reliability
  • Greater planning effectiveness and quality


  • SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain)
Customer Reference
Diehl Brass Solutions Stiftung & Co. KG, Germany

Precise Production Planning for Sales and Operations with SAP IBP

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About the Project

Innovation as the Driving Force: Diehl Brass Solutions

With an extensive portfolio of products, services and technologies, Diehl Brass Solutions positions itself successfully as one of the leading producers of extruded and drawn products for numerous industries, from automotive to machine manufacturing. The cornerstones of its operation are innovations for new products and technological developments, a focus on the future, and high-quality standards where products, processes and sustainability are concerned. Forming part of the globally operating Diehl Group that employs some 17,000 people at over 80 locations worldwide, Diehl Brass Solutions decided to optimize its own sales and production planning.

NTT DATA Business Solutions as Trusted Advisor

For the joint realization of the project, the company brought on board NTT DATA Business Solutions in view of its competence and years of consulting experience. Thanks to outstanding expertise in consulting on customer-specific requirements, great commitment and close cooperation with the relevant customer department, SAP IBP was successfully implemented as a solution whose functions would facilitate optimized Sales & Operations Planning. Added value: establishment of effective production planning that would enable dependable statements on delivery dates and thereby optimum delivery reliability.

Precise Forecasts

With the cloud-based SAP IBP solution, Diehl Brass Solutions now benefits from precise customer demand forecasting, valid planning key figures and reliable prediction of production capacity utilization. At the same time, the quality of Sales & Operations Planning has risen, generating benefits for the company, particularly with respect to delivery reliability. Apart from the optimization of the operational planning processes, Diehl Brass Solutions has also achieved enhanced planning quality over a 5-year horizon. There is now a seamless transition between this budget planning and the operational planning processes,
reducing users’ workload. The system enables correct analyses, both with a short-term operational and a long-term strategic planning horizon, as well as providing greater transparency with respect to the portfolio structure and future changes to it. Intelligent algorithms and the processing of large data volumes for accurate planning have replaced manual, error-prone planning activities and analyses outside the system.

A Look into the Future

The optimization of production planning also makes an important contribution to sustainability. Forecasts will become even more accurate in the future: SAP S/4HANA enables even closer planning integration, making availability checks against material and/or customer a possibility as well.

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