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AI Innovation House - Denmark

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Ada is a part of the house, so we don’t talk about her as a robot or an AI tool. We talk about her as Ada – as if she were a human being.

Michaela Andersen, COO, AI Innovation House

Challenges and Benefits


  • With more and more visitors and events, AI Innovation House was looking for a digital receptionist to support their human receptionist
  • Instead of just talking about bringing artificial intelligence to eyelevel, AI Innovation House wanted to practice what they preach


  • PARSONII platform


  • PARSONII is an easy and effective way for AI Innovation House to scale their receptionist team
  • Ada’s personality and ability to detect and mirror visitors’ moods breaks down barriers for people who would otherwise be hesitant to interact with a digital human
  • PARSONII supports AI Innovation House’s goal of countering the alienation of artificial intelligence and boosting growth for Danish companies working with digitalization

The perfect AI Sandbox

As a self-declared innovation playground for digitalization and artificial intelligence, AI Innovation House prides itself on also walking the walk. So, when Ulla Bagger Sørensen, Project Manager at AI Innovation House met up with NTT DATA, it was a perfect fit.

“We were looking for a digital assistant and NTT DATA were looking for a real-world sandbox environment for their digital human – so it was a win-win situation for both of us,” says Ulla Bagger Sørensen, Project Manager at AI Innovation House.

Named after Ada Lovelace who wrote the world’s first machine algorithm, Ada joined the house when it opened its doors in March of 2021. Despite the clash with a global pandemic, the house – with Ada as the first to greet guests upon entering – has welcomed around 3,500 guests in its first 12 months, and approx. 5,000 visitors are expected in 2022.




Digital Receptionist at AI Innovation House | PARSONII
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