Industry: Consumer Goods (non-food)
Category: Document Handling, Financial Management

Nilfisk A/S, Brøndby, Denmark

NTT DATA Business Solutions helped Nilfisk automate the entry of sales orders into the business system

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • NTT DATA Business Solutions currently develops and supports Nilfisk’s SAP® solutions and is recognized as a trustworthy and competent partner in the organization
  • Mutual learning through this pilot project, where Nilfisk has been a pilot customer and participated in the development phase

I am simply crazy about this robot solution. It digitalizes our order process, reduces the number of key errors, and in the end it releases resources that we can use to optimize our customer service instead.

Lena Melander, Project Manager, Customer Service Nordic, Nilfisk A/S

Challenges and Benefits


  • Desire to automate the entry of sales orders into the business system. Order entry is the process that requires most key entries: Who is the customer, what did the customer buy, and where should the products be delivered?
  • Desire to reduce manual processes and increase quality in order handling


  • it.capture from NTT DATA Business Solutions: A software robot that digitalizes and automates the order process. The customer sends the order in PDF format and a process robot ensures correct order entry
  • it.capture is built on (1) rules – ensuring standardized processes, and (2) artificial intelligence – enabling the robot to gain knowledge and validate the documents
  • it.capture supports the customer’s own order layout


  • Possibility of 100 % automated scanning, recognition and registration of sales orders in the ERP system without human interaction. The solution can be adapted to any company’s need to control and monitor the documents
  • Efficient and standardized handling of sales orders
  • Higher quality through minimization of manual entry errors in the process. The robot validates all information about the customer, prices and products against the system and external sources
  • Release of resources connected to order management, which is now used for customer service optimization instead
Customer Reference
Nilfisk A/S, Brøndby, Denmark

Nilfisk’s IT strategy from 2017 focuses among other things on strengthening the overall IT integration and increasing digitalization across the company’s products and processes. The sales order process requires the most manual key entries and was thereby obvious to digitalize. It was through Nilfisk’s close collaborations with NTT DATA Business Solutions that the company got acquainted with it.capture - a software robot developed to handle all types of business documents.

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