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Metso streamlines HR processes with SAP SuccessFactors

By implementing a new cloud-based HR platform, Metso was able to build modern HR processes and tools to support global growth.

Award-winning SuccessFactors implementation with Metso

We were able to finish the project fully on time – and we even managed to keep the costs lower than estimated! This, despite the fact that the project schedule was tight and there were lots of challenging integrations to carry out. What helped with the successful completion of the project was that most of the project team members had worked together in the past, were familiar with both the system and the way of working as a team in a responsible and flexible way and had a great attitude. We are over the moon about winning the Nordic Quality Awards in the Business Transformation category, and the prospect of participating in the regional final excites us

Hannele Järvistö, HR Manager, Metso Oyj

How adopting a new cloud-based HR platform enabled Metso to build modern HR processes and tools to support global growth.

It took 10 months to modernize HR management in one go in 52 countries, including a total of 14,000 employees.

Metso replaced its previous traditional HR solution with a new cloud-based solution as the company wanted to reduce the number of tools used by its supervisors and employees, while cutting down the cost of using applications, modernizing integrations and streamlining the information system environment. The implementation of SuccessFactors Employee Central put the finishing touch to the overall project started in 2014 (called Metso PeoplePoint Program), where the rest of HR had gradually adopted SuccessFactors. Now, the core processes or the basic HR master data could also be migrated to the system. In addition to the implementation of the SuccessFactors Employee Central module, it was integrated into five payroll systems as well as three other systems using the SAP HANA Cloud platform. There were also built-in integrations between SF Employee Central as well as the SF Recruiting and SF Succession modules.

The new solution benefits all employees, supervisors and HR, a total of over 14,000 employees, in all of Metso’s 52 countries of operation.

The switch to the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central module with Pasafin’s support has provided Metso with:

  • Cost benefits: Getting rid of the old system’s applications and license fees introduced instant cost benefits. Based on the cost benefits, the system’s repayment period is an estimated six years. However, if the alternative development costs required by the old system are factored in, the period is only three years.
  • Modernization: The modernization of the integrations and the whole HR system environment facilitates the implementation of the company’s growth strategies, such as system harmonization in connection with M&A as well as the integration of HR processes.
  • Transparency: Stricter and more cost-effective compliance with the GDPR compared to the previous HR solution. The employees can view and access their personal data in the system, so separate GDPR reports on personal data are no longer produced.
  • Updates: As a cloud service, SuccessFactors automatically ensures that the product is always the latest version and in compliance with the GDPR.
  • UI: An integrated user interface for supervisors and HR professionals, enabling them to use one HR solution instead of three different systems. In a global company, this is of the utmost importance.
  • Development: SAP SuccessFactors is constantly developing the Employee Central, which ensures an “evergreen” platform. The old HR system would have required large-scale development and updates to stay ahead of the curve. One key area of development comprises new efficient analytics tools.

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