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Rental Management Simplified: Streamline, optimize & maximize your rental profits

Equipment hire is a service provided by dealers and manufacturers that is becoming increasingly important in the value-added chain of these businesses. NTT DATA Business Solutions provides an SAP-based solution to efficiently manage rental processes, filling the gap for companies seeking improved control and management of their rental business.

Streamline rental profits with ease

As many businesses face pricing complexities, inventory control risks, and delays in rental orders, inefficient processes consume valuable time and resources, leading to increased costs and unreliable data operations.

With Rental Management Simplified, a transformative solution emerges, offering transparency and resolution for all rental processes.

Experience streamlined rentals with enhanced control and join the league of successful businesses benefitting from Rental Management Simplified, just like our satisfied customers:

GEA Company
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Discover how Rental Management Simplified manages your rental processes – automated, efficient, reliable

Improved rental management

Streamlined rental management across different markets is achieved through optimized rental management. By efficiently coordinating rental processes across various markets, businesses can benefit from improved resource utilization and increased profitability.

Fueling success

The growth of the rental business is essential to meet the ever-increasing demands of your customers. By expanding your rental offerings, you can stay competitive and responsive to the evolving needs of your clients. This growth-oriented strategy allows you to not only meet current customer demands but also anticipate future trends, ultimately leading to an expanded market share and sustainable long-term success.

Maintain a clear overview

Rental Management Simplified provides customers with an easy-to-understand overview of capacity utilization, price index, and availability of rental objects. This comprehensive insight empowers customers to make faster and more informed decisions, as they can quickly assess the availability of the desired items, compare pricing and plan their rental needs accordingly.

Enhanced customer experience

Striving for a flawless rental process is paramount in enhancing the overall customer experience. When rental transactions are executed seamlessly, without errors or hiccups, your customers experience a higher level of satisfaction. The elimination of mistakes ensures that customers’ expectations are consistently met, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

Power of data transparency

By providing you with access to transparent data on rental operations, you can make informed, data-driven decisions. These insights enable you to identify trends, optimize business processes and cater to customer needs more effectively. The ability to make well-informed decisions strengthens your company’s position in the market and enhances its ability to adapt to changing customer demands.

Rental Management Simplified streamlines complex processes into smooth operations with these functions

Integration and configuration
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Complete solution with pre-configured rental processes

  • Fast integration and individual configuration into the customer’s existing SAP landscape
  • Installation as a business configuration Set also in standard ERP systems
  • Optional integration into SAP CS/SM with maintenance and repair as well as SAP AM
  • It streamlines the management of machines, tools and equipment
Rental management
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Management made easy

  • Management of rental contracts
  • Rental transactions via order entry
  • Wide variety of settlement types (hourly, daily, weekly and monthly)
  • Own and third-party rental
  • Operation via rental cockpit
Rental analytics
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  • Analysis of rental data
  • Evaluation of rental use
  • Improved decision-making thanks to data transparency
Simplified maintenance
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Reducing complexity by making the process more efficient

  • Integration of maintenance and repair
  • Ensure seamless tracking
  • Efficient management of your hire items including comprehensive reporting and streamlined transactions

With the Rental Management Simplified solution, we can streamline and automate our rental management, which helps us to meet the latest customer demands and grow our business.

Marcus Faber Kappendrup Business System Consultant, Nilfisk A/S

Why should Rental Management Simplified streamline your rental processes?

Increased process efficiency

Orderly document management

Simplified maintenance

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