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An Outline of Our Main NTT DATA Business Solutions Products

Get to know our value-adding products and solutions with a clear focus on meeting our customers’ needs – fast implementation, release security, latest technology as well as ensured return on invest. We provide a large variety of customizable and applicable AddOns, services and workshops for your industry or business area.

And that’s not all. Finding the right solution for your individual needs was never as easy: Our new AddStore offers you a quick and easy overview. By providing practical information and in-depth technical content, the AddStore supports your decision-making.

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Integrate your point of sale (POS) processes with it.cash&countersales to meet increasing customer demands and stay competitive in the changing market.

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it.data guardian

it.data guardian from NTT DATA Business Solutions forms the foundation for enabling automated HR processes and helps you get more from your HR master data.

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it.document handling suite

Find out more how the it.document handling suite from NTT DATA Business Solutions can help your business with streamlined invoicing, and approved document management.

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it.hire&rental from NTT DATA Business Solutions supports your rental business with effective management of equipment rental, rental contracts, and more.

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Optimize your process results and comply with international laws and regulations with it.lifesciences, our expertise for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Learn more about how NTT DATA Business Solutions helps you improve master data management and improve data accuracy and integrity with it.mds.

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it.mx direct spend portal

Gain transparency of your supplier database and optimize supply chain management with it.mx direct spend portal from NTT DATA Business Solutions.

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it.product catalog

Boost your e-commerce strategy and ensure your field sales teams always have customer data on hand with it.product catalog.

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it.smart suite

it.smart suite enables companies to gain a clear overview of their incentive management programs and provide a reliable service to business partners.

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Ensure fast and secure electronic data interchange between you and your B2B partners with it.x-EDIconnect from NTT DATA Business Solutions.

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NTT DATA Business Solutions is the perfect partner to help businesses optimize the shipping process and logistics with the innovative, agile solution it.x-press.

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