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The HR Time Manager Simplified for SAP SuccessFactors is a must-have tool for empowering employees with features for effective time management in the modern workplace.

Integrated time management for SAP SuccessFactors

A comprehensive time management solution is a must in today’s remote and global business. It enables efficient employee time management, streamlines HR procedures, provides valuable insights into labor expenses, and simplifies the process of logging working hours for your employees. 

The HR Time Manager Simplified combines SAP on-premises time management with SAP SuccessFactors in a smart integration. This results in data and processes being linked intelligently, so traditional functions like time recording, correction, and time management requests are enhanced with digital benefits. It’s the best of both worlds! 

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A smart integration of data and processes provided by the HR Time Manager Simplified.

Efficient time management

The intelligent processes and data combine traditional time management features such as time recording and correction. These properties offer digital benefits for an improved employee experience and efficiency. 

Flexible and mobile use

User-friendly access from anywhere and at any time via mobile devices: clocking in/out, approving times, viewing time accounts, and uploading time sheets automatically. This add-on improves your employee experience and provides efficient self-service. 

Reduction of workload

Employees and managers can enjoy efficient self-service that enhances their experience. All time management activities can be handled within SAP SuccessFactors, relieving the HR department of any unnecessary burden. 

Integrated database

Time records are replicated without any issues in SAP On-Prem Time Management, and data can be easily accessed in SAP SuccessFactors. The seamless integration between on-premises and cloud eliminates redundant data. 

Automated monitoring

The HR department has a significant number of documents to handle. Fortunately, the time manager tool can take care of the automatic upload and download of timesheets. This ensures that the time information is clear and concise. 

Real-time accounting

The functionalities are designed to meet the needs of contemporary workplaces worldwide, with a focus on regional specificity. Real-time evaluation of employees’ time data ensures precise payment, covering overtime and weekend premiums. 

Find out more about the features and requirements of the HR Time Manager Simplified.

Functions & features
time balances & time sheets in SAP

Maximize your productivity by utilizing the vast array of capabilities 

  • Overview of all time balances & time sheets in SAP SuccessFactors 
  • Easy maintenance of time bookings & absences 
  • User-friendly time booking of employees by managers 
  • Quick insights into times by end users 
  • Full integration with SAP SuccessFactors App for mobile use on any device
Extensive integration
Seamless integration into SAP SuccessFactors

Reach the full potential with the integration in SAP SuccessFactors 

  • Seamless integration into the SAP SuccessFactors 
  • Process integration in SAP SuccessFactors & SAP On-Premises Time Management 
  • Create payment requests on SAP SuccessFactors through employee requests that require special attention  
  • Replication of time accounting data in SAP SuccessFactors 
  • Workflows that rely solely on SAP SuccessFactors workflow functionality, including an authorization concept
Technical requirements
Intergration of Time Manager Simplified

To implement the HR Time Manager Simplified, you will require certain prerequisites 

  • SAP Business Technology Platform Integration 
  • SAP Business Technology Platform Runtime + Bandwidth 
  • SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) 
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Subscription for each Employee 
  • SAP Integration Suite for SAP SuccessFactors Solution 

With our HR Time Manager Simplified add-on, we offer a lean solution for process integration in SAP SuccessFactors & SAP On-Premises Time Management. We put a special emphasis on the ease of use for both employees and the HR department.

Thomas Echelmeyer Principal Manager - HXM Consulting Services, NTT DATA Business Solutions

That's why HR Time Manager Simplified is the best solution for integrating two worlds: SAP SucessFactors and SAP On-Premise.

Increasing efficiency

Transparency of working time

Reinforced resource management

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