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Provide a fast lane for your applicants with HR Rapid Apply Simplified

Streamline the application process to provide potential employees with a swift and effortless way to apply for a job with your organization.

Recruiting in the digital age: Simplify and accelerate with HR Rapid Apply Simplified

Recently, it has become increasingly difficult to find new and qualified employees. Young generations do not want to create long and time-consuming applications. We can help you simplify and speed up your application processes to make applying fun again. Find out how our solution can save you and your applicants time and effort.

Discover the benefits of quick applications – time savings, simplicity and flexibility.

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That's why using HR Rapid Apply Simplified is attractive for you

Accelerated selection process

Fast-track applications offer a streamlined and efficient approach to screening applicants. By reducing the time and effort required for a comprehensive assessment, you can get a quicker picture of applicants’ qualifications and suitability.


Quick applications take less time because they require fewer documents and unnecessary information. Candidates can apply for multiple positions at the same time with less effort.
HR departments get a quick and structured overview of the applications and can make faster and substantiated decisions in the selection process.

Customizable templates

The application solution simplifies the application process by offering a wide range of customizable templates for different opportunities and requirements. These versatile templates allow recruiters to respond quickly and easily to different application scenarios.

Increasing applicant numbers

Expedited applications offer the distinct advantage of avoiding losing potential candidates who might otherwise be discouraged from applying due to the time-consuming nature of the process.

Multiple application

Most application systems require the creation of a complex candidate profile that can be used for multiple applications. The HR Rapid Apply Simplified process allows users to submit multiple applications with just an account instead of creating a complex profile.

Explore the functionalities and prerequisites of HR Rapid Apply Simplified.

Functions & features
Advantages of rapid apply

Discover the features of HR Rapid Apply Simplified

  • Modern and fast job application process
  • No profile creation mask during the application process
  • Multiple applications are automatically assigned to the candidate
  • Option to choose a classic application process
  • Recruiters can select from eight different templates
  • Templates can be customized according to job Advertisement
  • Fast implementation and customization of the add-on
  • Direct integration with SAP SuccessFactors
  • Mobile capability with different devices (mobile phone, tablet, …)
Improved employer reputation

Accelerated processes for recruiters

  • Fast-track applications take less time to process and review, which can speed up the hiring process.
  • Recruiters can more quickly identify qualified candidates and include them in the selection process.
  • The lower barrier for applicants can result in a greater number of applications, increasing the likelihood of finding qualified talent.
  • Quick applications make it easier to compare candidates because the information and documents are often standardized.
  • The lower barrier to entry can attract a wider range of applicants, resulting in a more diverse candidate pool.
  • Improved employer reputation through fast and modern ways to apply.
Job applicants
Quick applications for your generations

Streamlined application process for candidates

  • Less complexity: Documents are requested when they are needed.
  • High level of acceptance, especially among younger job seekers.
  • Quick applications require less effort and time, which is especially attractive when applying for multiple jobs.
  • Fast response to short-term jobs.
  • Commitment: Understanding the applicant’s needs.
Technical requirements
implementation prerequisites

To implement HR Rapid Apply Simplified, you will require certain prerequisites

  • SAP SuccessFactors

Many of our customers ask us how they can streamline the application process to get more satisfied candidates. With HR Rapid Apply Simplified, we offer a modern add-on for SAP SuccessFactors that enables candidates to apply quickly and recruiters to make informed decisions.

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That's why HR Rapid Apply Simplified will increase your job candidates.

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