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Enable your sales team to work more efficiently and on any device by unleashing the power of SAP Sales Cloud.

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An effective cloud infrastructure is key to getting the most out of digitization at your business.

Provide your sales team with the tool to better understand your customers and all the interactions anyone in your organization has ever had with them. Empower your sales reps to collaborate both within and across teams and increase their productivity by allowing them to work directly from their preferred tools – MS Outlook and MS Teams – while keeping SAP Sales Cloud updated. Offer your sales team relevant insights and guidance, for example on how to nurture each opportunity to completion. Drive revenue by letting the solution power your sales processes and support your sales reps in the best way possible to maximizing their chances of a successful sale.


Key Features:

  • Consolidate all relevant data about your customers including all your interactions with them
  • Capture leads and opportunities to better track the untapped yet potential pipeline
  • Analyze data in real-time and identify areas of potential improvement
  • Work from anywhere and on any device (online and offline)
  • Increase productivity and ease collaboration around the sales processes by integrating SAP Sales Cloud with MS Outlook and MS Teams.

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