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SAP Customer Data Platform

Leverage the benefits of unifying and consolidating all your customer data in one single platform and solidify your position as a truly data-driven business

SAP Customer Data Platform Interface

Enable your service agents, sales reps and marketers to deliver hyper-personalized customer engagements across touch points. By bringing all your customer data together in one platform you can build rich and comprehensive customer profiles and benefit from real-time insights to understand your customers even better. Utilize the unified and consolidated customer information in any of your customer engagement platforms, while building trusting relationships with your customers by respecting their data privacy and automatically adhering to data privacy regulations such as GDPR.


Key Features:

  • Improve customer experience and drive revenue by leveraging comprehensive and rich customer profiles
  • Enable your customers to control their own data and make sure that you are always compliant with data privacy regulations
  • Deploy pre-configured connections and easily integrate SAP Customer Data Platform with other applications
  • Central categorization of customers to ensure a consistent customer experience regardless of touchpoint as well as behaviour- and trigger-based segmentation
  • Ensure that all relevant stakeholders are updated on important customer information changes with central workflow rules
  • Enable seamless login experiences

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At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we are a team of passionate and experienced CX consultants. Though our primary focus is on the SAP Customer Experience suite, we are first and foremost CX consultants who believe that customers should be at the centre of any business. We advocate for building customer-centred business processes with the customer journey in mind in order to maximize the value for the customers while reducing inefficiencies for the businesses. Implementing a CX application is a great start towards meeting or even exceeding customer expectations, but this should not be a standalone initiative to place the customer at the centre of your business.  

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