Calibration mobility and digital management – with Calibration Simplified

Calibration mobility and digital management – with Calibration Simplified

The mobile application transforms the manual task of performing and documenting measurement device calibration into digital, automated test management. Integrated directly into SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP, Calibration Simplified enables you to simplify the management and documentation of calibration jobs, facilitates compliance, and delivers reliable test results – available anytime, anywhere in the SAP Cloud.

Complex calibration management in a new way: Reliable and always by your side

Measuring instruments must always be 100% accurate and audit-proof. Strict regulations govern many areas, requiring regular inspections of measuring devices by law. Calibration of measuring instruments is a process that needs to be done reliably and accurately. The calibration process goes beyond simple measurements and includes pre- and post-processing in the SAP system as well as the maintenance of duplicate data.

Calibration Simplified is the solution for automated calibration management and takes care of planning and administration as well as the recording of calibration and measurement values.

As a mobile app, Calibration Simplified accompanies you to the calibration process in production: On-site, it offers you direct access to the calibration master data from the SAP system, records the results directly, and transmits them back to the SAP backend. This makes the results easy to trace, always available and securely stored or archived.

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Discover how your calibration management benefits from Calibration Simplified – automated, digital and mobile

Ease of use
  • Standard mobile software for iOS or Android devices
  • Simple and fast implementation
  • Intuitive use due to modern user interface
  • Access and execution of tests at any time and from anywhere
  • Overview of all operations
  • Detailed view of calibration jobs
  • Reduction of the lead time per calibration
  • Effective task management thanks to automated processes
  • Integration with SAP
  • Integrated dual control principle
Optimized testing processes
  • Automated test procedures, e.g. scheduled and assigned to employees
  • Automatic archiving of results
  • Easy search and retrieval of required information and data
  • Traceability of measuring devices and their calibrations
Facilitated compliance with regulations
  • Test processes developed according to GAMP5
  • CSV and GMP-compliant test results
  • Dual control principle
  • Confirmation of measured values with digital signature

Automate and streamline your manual and complex calibration processes with these advanced features of Calibration Simplified

Digital order management

Handle calibration orders easily:

  • Assignment of calibration jobs
  • Overview of assigned calibration jobs on a personal level
  • Overview of all calibration jobs with operations, data, and results
Automated calibration processes

Smoothly running calibration processes:

  • Overview of pending calibrations
  • Selection of calibration jobs from the master data setup
  • Scheduling of the calibration jobs
  • Execution of calibration jobs with a test run and, if necessary, readjustment of the measuring device with an unambiguous test result
  • Registration of as-found and as-left results
  • Registration of reference standard per site/room
  • Visual display of error and limit values as well as a listing of historical results for trend/deviation analysis
Policy security

Easily comply with regulations:

  • Auditing according to standards and CSV requirements for regulated industries, such as life sciences
  • Audit according to the dual control principle
  • Audit-proof results
  • Digital signature for signing and storing measured values

Calibration meets mobility and SAP

Calibration Simplified covers all requirements regarding the reliable calibration of measuring instruments in one mobile solution. The Calibration Simplified mobile application is user-friendly and automates your calibration processes – learn more about how Calibration Simplified simplifies and optimizes your calibration management.

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That's why Calibration Simplified is the most reliable solution for your calibration management


Leadtime per calibration job

Less error prone

Digital – no paper

Do you want to optimize your calibration management?