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As full a service provider, we build Qlik solutions for all the different systems that clients already have.

Focus on the User, Not the Analysis

You get measurable results with business analytics from Qlik. Qlik is the Business Analytics tool that will make sure your analytical projects are successful. For many years, Qlik has set the standard for user adoption and dissemination. What makes the Qlik companies the most data-driven are the user friendliness and the large dissemination in the organization.

Business Analytics is not just about fancy graphs. It is about getting the data to where it is most useful and where the data makes it possible to answer the next question. Whether it allows the Company Executive to make a few major decisions or lets the warehouse employee make many smaller decisions, it is the total sum of decisions based on qualified data that decides the fate of the company. Unlike traditional solutions, Qlik delivers business value to all employees in the company – not just a few experts and managers.

  • Qlik Sense is the tool for data-driven companies that want and can manage their business analytics themselves
  • QlikView is a strong tool for Dashboards and guided analytical processes
  • Qlik NPrinting creates reports and builds bridges for companies to become modern analytical businesses.

All 3 tools come as flexible licenses, models that are suitable for both smaller and larger companies, for cloud solutions and for extranet with thousands of users.

Read About How Qlik Sense Supports Dagrofa's Business

Customer Reference
Dagrofa Inspires Grocery Managers to Play with Data

The Dagrofa grocery group scrapped its old BI solution and replaced it with a highly innovative, cloud-based BI architecture.


Let the Machine Do the Hard Work

Do you know how many employees in your company extract data from Excel, treat it, make pivot tables and finally copy-paste the graphs into a PowerPoint presentation and email it to colleagues?

A typical estimate is around 50-70% of employees for the average company. They do this because they do not know that the process can be automated and because the existing systems are not sufficient. The companies where this is common practice are only just starting their digital journey and have low maturity in regard to analysis in general.

On the plus side, it will only take a few days for a skilled expert to digitalize these processes. Do not wait to contact us – every day, precious man-hours are wasted on tasks that should be automated. This could bring your data to life so that everyday decisions for the individual user are made based on easily available, interactive and web-based analyses.

Do You Experience One or More of These Challenges?

  • You need an intelligent, intuitive tool for analysis that users in all functions of the organization can use and which creates value
  • You need a tool for analysis that can collect data sources from different underlying systems and present them in one single web-based interface
  • You need to be able to share information and knowledge with colleagues in a fast and proficient manner in order to strengthen the cooperation across the organization
  • You need a tool for analysis that gives an overview of all processes and strengthens governance
  • You want to make Analytics a natural part of the working process as opposed to another 3rd party system

Business Analytics with Qlik: How Can We Support You?

You get measurable results with business analytics from Qlik. As full a service provider, we build Qlik solutions for all the different systems that clients already have. NTT DATA Business Solutions’ experts ensure optimal knowledge, support and insight in regard to your  implementation from the beginning to the end.

Our consultants help with everything from strategy to governance, licenses and project management. As technical experts, our teams can handle both hosting, implementation, training and support.

NTT DATA Business Solutions is the only Nordic Qlik partner to have a consultant as a representative in the Luminary Program four years in a row. The program unites dedicated customers, partners and experts from Qlik’s global eco-system. In other words – we are your strong, local center of competencies for Qlik. As certified partner, NTT DATA Business Solutions supports the whole range of applications, including:

  • Qlik Sense
  • QlikView
  • Qlik NPrinting
  • Qlik Analytical Platform
  • Qlik DataMarket
  • Hosting
  • Managed Services

NTT DATA Business Solutions’ Qlik Customers Get Exclusive Services Such as:

  • Pre-emptive Performance Review – Quarterly reviews of your sites, feedback on capacity and where server errors can be avoided
  • Always Upgraded – We make sure your platforms are always upgraded, secure and compatible with the latest mobile devices
  • Security Review – NTT DATA Business Solutions controls how secure your platform is and tests it for a wide range of safety hazards
  • Hosting, 8-16 support and Monitoring – We offer hosting of QlikView, Qlik Sense and Qlik NPrinting, 8-16 error correction and uptime monitoring

How Our Customers Benefit from Us

SUVA, Switzerland

Suva, the largest accident insurance company in Switzerland, has redesigned its budgeting process with the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) with the support of NTT DATA Business Solutions to ensure the future viability of its financial and logistics applications.


How deploying SAP Datasphere (The new name for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud) across Sanctuary unified data across sites in England and Wales, allowing real time insights on the impact of COVID-19 to inform the direct response to protect residents and frontline workers.

Hans Oetiker Holding

Development of a customized analysis solution for identifying the CO2 footprint for outbound transports in SAP Analytics Cloud. In excellent cooperation, an individual solution for capturing, calculating and analyzing the CO2 footprint was created.


Modern technologies such as AI and clever innovations point the way to the IT future. With this visionary claim, Mosca evaluated their existing system and set out on the path to an intelligent company.

Leveraging Machine Learning to Solve Real Business Challenges

Howdens leverage Machine Learning outcomes underpinned by the SAP Business Technology Platform. Discover more about Howdens SAP Analytics journey.

Improve Your Business with Better Financial Reporting Tools
The American Club Singapore

The data warehouse solution from NTT DATA Business Solutions Singapore provides decision-grade information to reduce information-to-decision lead time. The solution lowered reporting costs and saved time through automation of the report generation process and by producing automated reconciliations.

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