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itelligence AG at CeBIT : Experience it!


  •  Electromobility – modelling the future with SAP HANA 
  •  it.configure – SAP- dependencies as though they were cut from the same cloth 
  •  Mobile SAP: The affordable entry into hybrid cloud solutions 
  •  itelligence AddStore now offers more than 220 packages of solutions 
  •  It even works without the Cloud: Business Connector it.x- EDIconnect 

Hanover / Bielefeld, 10 March 2014 – itelligence AG presents this year’s CeBIT innovations around SAP under the motto: Experience it! In Hall 4, Stand B04 the successful SAP full service solutions provider uses around 265 square metres to showcase the advantages of the new cloud solutions in the SAP environment. They also show the importance and the benefits behind Datability and what Datability means for business customers. As one of the most successful IT consultants in the area of SAP at the CeBIT trade fair, itelligence AG makes its presentations to visitors in a very practical way: straightforward, fast data analysis and visually good preparation, in different business scenarios.
Electromobility – itelligence models the future with SAP HANA

itelligence uses SAP HANA in the research for “optimal electric mobility for rural areas “. Funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), itelligence AG is participating in the research project under the name: merging of electric mobility and renewable energy for intelligent commercial transport in rural areas through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). itelligence AG’s delegation will present the current state of research into a mobility management system based on SAP technologies at CeBIT in Hall 4, B04. As part of this, itellilgence AG on its stand in Hall 4, will present for the first time an E- Smart, through which the applications for fleet management are presented.

Further details will be given by Mark Albrecht, Vice President of Global Business Solutions at itelligence AG, on Wednesday, the 12th March 2014 from 12.30 to 12.55 in his presentation titled: e-mobility powered by itelligence at the OpenStage venue: Smart Cities / Smart

it.configure SAP – dependencies cut from the same cloth

For the first time itelligence shows its new add-on it.configure to a broad public. Taking care of dependencies with the SAP Variant Configurator becomes much faster with it.configure. With it.configure the rules of the configuration can be arranged on a central user interface, where they can be clearly and conveniently managed and maintained. Here, the set of rulesis organized hierarchically in it.configure, from the general definition of a standard top-level down to the exceptions.

itelligence showcases an affordable entry into hybrid cloud solutions

Innovations in the field of mobile applications, business intelligence and staff are the focus topics of itelligence for the mobile SAP portfolio in Hanover. With this in mind, for the first time itelligence offers the option of a hybrid cloud solution as inexpensive entry. Mobile Business on iOS7 on the Apple device family and Fiori for cross-device apps as well as SAP HANA cloud support are more CeBIT innovations, presented by the leading IT consulting company in Hanover.

For the first time itelligence offers a new release of the Customer Focus app, which is under the motto: “SAP CRM 7 offline, optimized for iPad mini and iOS7”. New practical scenarios for tablets in quality management and service processes are shown for the first time at this year’s CeBIT, with the InfoCollector App. itelligence presents a totally new technology with Fiori on SAP UI5 at this year’s CeBIT an example of SalesKit App. With SAP UI5, new functions are made simpler and more convenient to use on different devices through the cloud. In addition, the optimized use of SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) is a focus of the CeBIT presentation.

itelligence AddStore now offers more than 220 packages of solutions

itelligence’s online offering, the AddStore has already doubled one year after launch. While over 100 software AddOns from itelligence were initially available, the offer has increased over the last year and now stands at over 220 mature solutions. From the smallest solution through to comprehensive software packages, the itelligence AddStore can also be used to meet very extensive demands. In addition, to celebrate the anniversary of the itelligence AddStore, intelligence now offers leasing as an alternative financing option for the solution packages.

– Potential Analysis with SAP HANA Business Value Analysis Workshop
In workshops itelligence shows what potential businesses can raise through the use of SAP
HANA. In addition to application scenarios, evaluation and cost/benefit analysis can be

– Predictive Analytics
itelligence presents Predictive Analytics. With the new SAP in-memory technology SAP
HANA, the time and cost of analysis can be drastically reduced. Thus analysis with SAP
Predictive Analysis based on SAP HANA paves the way to real-time analysis based on large
amounts of data, which has been viewed as impossible with previous technologies. Now it is
possible to model, and visualize data intuitively using SAP Predictive Analysis.

– SAP CRM Cloud for Sales
The CRM Cloud for Sales is a totally new offering in the itelligence AddStore. itelligence has
compiled the new on-demand solution SAP CRM Cloud for Sales on the basis of SAP Cloud
for Customer in three packages – basic, expanded and premium.

Experience it! – from itelligence stands for innovation and quality

The successful full-service IT company offers CeBIT trade visitors comprehensive advice and insights into new products as part of its offering. itelligence is to showcase a
complete range of solutions from it.automotive for the automotive industry, it.chemicals for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, it.consumer for the consumer goods industry, it.hightronic for the high-tech and electronics industry, it.manufacturing for the machine and plant industry, it.service for service, it.metal for metal and plastic processing, for trade right up to it.wood for the wood and furniture industry.

itelligence presents it.x-EDIconnect

itelligence AG presents its new Business Connector it.x- EDIconnect at CeBIT. The Business Connector based on SAP Business One (SAP B1) was doing specifically designed for companies with up to 100 employees and tailored to the needs of so-called SMEs.

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

itelligence AG, an SAP-certified provider of hosting services for the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud showcases practical examples of their hosting services for the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud at this year’s CeBIT, under the theme “Experience it!”

About itelligence
itelligence is one of the leading international full-service providers of solutions in support of SAP solutions, employing more than 3,000 highly qualified employees in 22 countries and in five regions (America, Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Germany/Austria/Switzerland). As a frequently awarded SAP partner, among others global value-added reseller, SAP Certified in Cloud Services, SAP-Certified Provider of Hosting Services for SAP HANA® Enterprise Cloud and SAP Gold Partner Business ByDesign, itelligence realizes complex projects in the SAP solution-based environment for over 5,000 customers worldwide. In 2006, itelligence obtained gold-level status as an SAP channel partner as part of the SAP PartnerEdge™ program in Germany, and in the U.S. in 2007. The company’s services in support of SAP solutions range from consulting and licensing to application management services and outsourcing & services to proprietary industry-specific SAP. In 2013, itelligence generated total sales of EUR 457.1 million. itelligence is “Top Consultant” 2013/14.