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Transforming Tradition: Isabellenhütte’s Modernization with SAP ERP

itelligence AG, the leading SAP full-service provider in Bielefeld, implements the industry solutions it.automotive supplier and it.metal – with the module blending quantity calculations for foundries – in Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co. KG in Dillenburg.

Isabellenhütte was first mentioned in 1482 as a copper smelter and is thus the oldest industrial company in Hessen. As a medium-sized company, Isabellenhütte employs approximately 800 employees and in the metal and electrical industry it is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical resistance materials, thermoelectric materials for the measurement of the temperature of passive components for the automotive, electrical and electronics industries and the production of active power measurement modules for very current applications such as electric mobility and renewable energies. In this case, Isabellenhütte has a high degree of vertical integration, from the melt in the foundry to the hot rolling mill, metal forming, wire-drawing, etching and assembly technology, an insulating department, to the manufacturing of complex high-tech components, precision measuring technology and even their own mechanical engineering department for testing and packaging machines.

Jürgen Brust, CEO of Isabellenhütte GmbH & Co. KG explains: “Due to the increasing internationalization of our business we need a unified, integrated IT system with transferable business processes. With itelligence we have found the right SAP industry specialists for us as a medium-sized company, they competently integrated the different requirements of our product lines. We are not only an automotive supplier with scheduling and EDI, we also have to map the metal processes in the foundry and the rolling mill, as well as manage variant configuration, quality control and data acquisition.”

The ERP solution implemented by itelligence, which was based on SAP solutions, makes the most of the potential for improvement in the processes, contributes to harmonization in data storage and optimizes internal costs. It makes it possible to have an integrated corporate plan for all product areas and supports the scalability of processes and the transparency in logistics, accounting and material inventory security.

Around 200 users in Isabellenhütte will use the SAP ERP implementation and the industry solutions from itelligence. They will be in purchasing, sales, inventory, quality management, foreign trade, EDI, financial accounting, controlling, and in the automotive supply process.

Isabellenhütte has benefitted from itelligence AG’s industry expertise; the system also has extensions for the integration of process systems and for the control of manufacturing processes and their feedback via BDE.

Stephan Born, from the ERP project team at Isabellenhütte emphasizes: “Even in the preliminary discussions, we noticed that we were working with professionals at itelligence. The cooperation in our joint team is creative but also marked by the professionalism that comes from years of industry knowledge. It’s just fun to develop an IT project at eye level, because it is about a common goal.”

itelligence’s industry solution it.metal itself already offered “blending” as standard; this is an important step in the production process, the quantity calculations to find the optimal combination of input materials. In addition to including such standard processes in the melting and casting process, it.metal already includes special processes in metal processing such as sintering, rinsing and remelting batches. Through the use of it.configure, the new variant configuration from itelligence, the maintenance of the SAP dependencies is performed centrally from within a cockpit.

“it.metal and it.automotive create an integrated business plan for all product areas and offer transparency in logistics, accounting and central controlling and reporting,” says Gerald Nastran, Head of Finance and IT at Isabellenhütte. The new SAP ERP environment for example, supports separate logistic concepts such as KANBAN, thus increasing flexibility when dealing with construction contracts. it.automotive supplier and it.metal itelligence form the core of the pioneering SAP ERP landscape at Isabellenhütte.

Isabellenhütte adroitly uses itelligence’s whole range of products and hosts its SAP system in itelligence AG’s data centre in Bautzen, Isabellenhütte also benefits from itelligence AG’sEDI Application Management Service.

Meinolf Schäfer, Senior Account Manager at itelligence AG explains: “itelligence has the right answers even for complex cross-industry customer requirements; we are experiencing these more and more frequently due to international connections. Here, our solutions and our extensive range of services from SAP licenses, industry solutions to maintenance, consulting, training, hosting right up to the provision of EDI Managed Services can all be relied on for real support. I am very happy that these forward-looking medium-sized new customers with such long traditions are making such effective use of our range of products.