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Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

At NTT DATA Business Solutions we strive to be sustainable through leveraging technology, data, and processes to accelerate sustainable value creation.

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are pillars of our work.

We pursue sustainable outcomes through four layers of sustainable action

  • NTT DATA Business Solutions is a 100% owned subsidiary of NTT DATA, a part of the NTT Group. This means that our headquarters engage globally on a range of sustainability-related commitments and issue policies and guidance on sustainability which informs the work of NTT DATA Business Solutions and NTT DATA Business Solutions Nordics
  • As an IT services provider and consultancy, NTT DATA Business Solutions’ main sustainability impact is generated externally through the solutions we develop with and for our customers. As an ERP solutions provider, our customers include many large production and logistics companies with significant CO2 emissions and other footprints – and also often ambitious targets for becoming more sustainable. Through the broad range of technologies, we are mastering, we can help customers improve sustainability in their supply chain over transportation, warehousing and production, to planning and reporting.
  • At NTT DATA Business Solutions Nordics we have a focus on internally making the sustainable choice when faced with one or more alternatives. This relates to all our activities – how we travel, transport ourselves, procure hardware, hold events, power our buildings and data centres, etc.
  • At NTT DATA Business Solutions Nordics we also have a focus on enabling our employees to engage in sustainable activities. This is very much driven by the employees themselves but supported by the company when relevant

NTT DATA Business Solutions is part of a sustainable family of companies

In November 2021, the NTT Group launched its Sustainability Charter outlining a number of ambitious goals, which group companies such as NTT DATA Business Solutions should work towards:

  • Moving towards a decarbonized society
  • A commitment to a resource-recycling future
  • A future where people and nature are in harmony
  • Establish shared ethical standards
  • Prepare for a new future with the power of technology
  • Moving towards a safe, secure, and resilient society
  • Respect for human rights
  • Diversity&Inclusion
  • Creating new work style models

These 9 overall goals are broken down into 30 different business activities, which you can learn more about here.

We are proud to present our heartfelt projects

How We Develop Sustainable and Innovative Solutions

Børns Vilkår – Children’s Welfare in Denmark

NTT DATA Business Solutions is working with the Danish NGO Children’s Welfare (Børns Vilkår) applying cutting-edge AI technology to improve volunteer-based counseling of troubled children. The tool assists the counselor during a conversation with a child, where an AI detects the current topics of the conversation and displays relevant guidance material. This allows the counselor to focus on the conversation with the child and not spend time searching for help and guidance in other systems. The guidance material includes advice – both formally and informally – written by specialists at Børns Vilkår/Children’s Welfare.


The counselor assistant enables Children’s Welfare to provide more effective and flexible counseling in order to handle more incoming inquiries from children. Effective because advice and guidelines are provided as part of their normal chat system, and flexible because the tool is part of Children’s Welfare’s efforts in allowing counselors to counsel children from home, thus not being restricted by office capacity nor councilors needing to travel to an office.  


In addition to the counselor assistant, NTT DATA Business Solutions is currently working with Children’s Welfare on AI models for improved scrambling of personal information in their data to automatically register the topics of a conversation to support their analytical works.

Children’s welfare charities are implementing new technologies to help them in their important work.

Positive impact on tourism with Destination Sustainable

When tourism expectedly picks up after the Corona pandemic, many people will want to travel more sustainably. Many tourism destinations are also keen to reduce the negative impact of tourism and help their visitors leave behind a positive impact on local communities. NTT DATA Business Solutions’ TITAN platform is helping destinations generate the data needed to understand the impacts of local tourism and to nudge visitors into making the most sustainable choices. This includes, for example, how they move around (public transportation over own cars), what they do (healthy and meaningful activities which create a positive engagement with local communities), what they buy (locally produced and sustainable), and how they help out (trash collection, reducing waste generation, saving water, etc.).

Through hundreds of IoT devices connected through the TITAN platform with data analyzed and visualized so it serves various local actors, the destinations get unique (anonymized) insights into how people move around, what they do, what their preferences are, and where and how they can be nudged into making sustainable choices. Through gamification and the ability to achieve “sustainable visitor” recognition, the visitors are changing their behaviors in ways that ensure a more positive impact on the destination they are visiting as well as a more meaningful and memorable stay.

Smart Island Rømø is part of a project bringing modern, sustainable ecosystems closer to reality.

Sustainable biodiversity with Giant Hogweed detection

Invasive and toxic plants like the Giant Hogweed are spreading across the world, which is bad for biodiversity and often people living in their proximity. These weeds should be eradicated but they are often difficult to detect. At least, they used to be: With the help of NTT DATA Business Solutions’ POC has been developed, which can help landowners (who are legally obliged to eradicate invasive species) including municipalities identify Giant Hogweed in an easy and systematic manner. Our Partner, renowned drone operator ProDrone, provided us with high-res images of land managed by Danish municipalities – an area twice the size of New York City. First, specialists labeled the images to distinguish between invasive species and plants natural to the local environments. Based on this data, we trained a neural network for automatic image recognition. The result? Our custom software running on Hadoop and SAP HANA can now detect Giant Hogweed with extreme accuracy – and its precision is increasing constantly.

Technology helps in the fight against toxic giant hogweed.

How We Care for Our Employees

Our Diverse Workplaces

No one should be shut out from a workplace by something intrinsic to their identity or background. We encourage the sharing of ideas and worldviews, and praise those who ensure our workplaces are accessible for every single individual. And should we ever see unconscious bias in hiring decisions or unfair work practices, it is our duty to speak up and change them.

Accepting and celebrating different backgrounds is our culture.

Caring for Employee Welfare

For us, the wellbeing of our employees is the top priority when designing our workplaces. Supporting our employees with well-equipped offices, inclusive events, and enjoyable activities is a responsibility, allowing them to be their best selves at work and in life. Through the promotion of healthy living in several of our global offices, we also ensure that our employees can keep fighting fit and healthy.

The well-being of our employees is highly important to us

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