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Additional Services

Leverage our additional services to ensure that your SAP solution continues to support your business processes in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing business landscape.

Locate security gaps and close them – with SAP Security Services by itelligence.

To stay competitive in the market, businesses need to adapt and evolve over time and so should the technologies powering the businesses. As demanded by todays technological- and competitive landscape, SAP solutions are in constant development in accordance with both user input and changing market demands. Nevertheless, organizations still need to take responsibility in making sure that the solution(s) continue(s) to be aligned with changing business processes. We have bundled a number of services into different packages, which serve the purpose of making sure that you unlock as much value as possible from your SAP solutions and that they continue to cater to your business needs.

Why us?

We have not only implemented many customer experience solutions for many different customers, but we have also supported them after the implementation to make sure that they continue to unlock the value the solutions have to offer. A customer experience solution will never be a one-time project, but rather an ongoing journey.

*Please note: Our services are not limited to the ones listed here – these are merely examples of what we have to offer.

Sales & Service Cloud Services Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
Release recommendations X    
Verification of active users to ensure compliance X    
Assessment of security setup X    
Assessment of user adoption   X  
Customer Journey Exploration Workshop   X  
Verification of reporting   X  
Test of custom developments     X

Sales Process Assessment

The sales process is inevitably linked to the customer experience, which is why it is important to review it once in a while. The output of this offering is a review of one (or more) AS-IS sales process(es), identification of opportunities for improvement as well as documentation of one (or more) TO-BE sales process(es) including mapping to customer buying process.

Customer Journey Exploration Workshop

We believe that processes involving customers should be based on and aligned with the respective customer journey in mind. Understanding the customer journey will ultimately help you improve your customer experiences, while identifying inefficiencies and non-value adding activities within your internal processes. Understanding your customer journey will also help you understand which touchpoints and processes your future customer experience solution(s) will have to support.


Michael Vraa-Jensen

Michael Vraa-Jensen

Director, CX LoB