NTT DATA Business Solutions

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers defines the values and requirements we place on our business partners in the course of our business activities. Compliance with and implementation of the principles set out in the Supplier Code of Conduct is essential for all our business relationships.

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

1. General

The basis for our long-term corporate success and our continuous growth is a combination of respectful and cooperative cooperation, as well as the conscious preservation of social responsibility, which is based on a group-wide and uniform understanding of our values, our conduct in the business environment and also the interaction within the company.

In addition to the focus on long-term and sustainable corporate success, the entrepreneurial responsibility we have set for ourselves as a company and the associated commitment we also expect from our Suppliers is of particular importance. This is especially relevant in view of the fact that we as a company always and everywhere comply with the applicable laws, respect fundamental ethnic values and act sustainably.

This Supplier Code of Conduct is based on the principles of internationally recognized standards for responsible corporate management. These include international labor and social standards.

In order to ensure a common understanding, this Supplier Code of Conduct is intended to further define our mission statement in this regard and to provide a framework of acceptable conduct that NTT DATA Business Solutions AG expects from its suppliers, consultants, manufacturers, contractors and other third parties who together form the logistics chain (“Suppliers”) of NTT DATA Business Solutions AG. The minimum requirements defined here serve, in addition to the applicable laws, regulations, provisions and guidelines, as a model to be followed by our Suppliers in their business dealings. We expect our Suppliers to observe and implement the defined standards in business dealings. If Suppliers commission third parties in the context of business relationships with NTT DATA Business Solutions AG, we expect that our Suppliers ensure that these third parties also commit themselves to the fundamental principles set out in this Supplier Code of Conduct.

2. Integrity

Conduct in compliance with the law

Compliance with all laws and regulations is a top priority for NTT DATA Business Solutions AG as a company and thus also represents a fundamental principle for its commercially responsible conduct. As a basis for a trusting and long-term business relationship, we also expect this behavior from our Suppliers in their daily business transactions. In the event that national legislation contains more restrictive regulations than this Code of Conduct, our suppliers are obliged to comply with the stricter regulations in each case.

Compliance with foreign trade law

Our Suppliers must take appropriate measures to ensure that national and international laws governing the import, export or domestic trade of goods, technologies or services do not, through transactions with third parties, violate applicable economic embargoes or trade, import and export control regulations to combat the financing of terrorism.

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

NTT DATA Business Solutions AG does not accept bribery from its Suppliers, whether in dealings with business partners, public officials or third parties. This includes, but is not limited to, benefits in the form of cash payments, gifts, invitations, donations or other payments for the purpose of initiating or continuing business or obtaining other more favorable business decisions. All forms of corruption, bribery or kickbacks by Suppliers will not be tolerated by NTT DATA Business Solutions AG and may lead to an immediate termination of the business relationship.

Handling of information and Business Dealing

When publishing business data or reporting on the business activities to or about NTT DATA Business Solutions AG customers, we expect that our Suppliers will be truth, complete and accurate in any information provided or published.


Suppliers must handle and secure information and data with appropriate care and not disclose any information without written consent. The data provided by NTT DATA Business Solutions AG may only be used for the agreed business purposes.

Protection of intellectual property

As a company, we attach great importance to the protection of our intellectual property, which include such as products, information or any intellectual work, regardless of its commercial value. The Suppliers are required to respect and have protective measures in force to protect and not violate any intellectual property.

Data Protection and Information Security

The protection of data, including data of our employees, customers or other third parties, is of particular importance to us. Suppliers must have measures in place to protect data to the minimum of the applicable laws and regulations.

Dealing with competitors

The Suppliers shall not be engaged in any business transaction, activity or arrangement that violate international or country specific Anti-Trust laws.

Avoidance of conflicts of interest

The Suppliers must avoid all conflicts of interest arising in the business environment due to private interests or other motives. If a Supplier is affected by a potential or actual conflict of interest in its activities with NTT DATA Business Solutions AG, they are required to disclose without undue delay such conflicts to NTT DATA Business Solutions AG completely and in a transparent manner.

Fraud and Damage

We do not support any form of fraud or asset-damaging offences in the form of fraud, embezzlement, theft, embezzlement or tax evasion, or money laundering. This applies regardless of whether the company assets of NTT DATA Business Solutions AG or the assets of third parties are damaged as a result.

3. People and Environment

Anti-discrimination and harassment

We do not tolerate any discriminatory behavior by our Suppliers towards our or their employees and applicants. Our Suppliers should have established programs that promote or demonstrate diversity in their companies. NTT DATA Business Solutions AG does not tolerate any discrimination on the basis of ethnic origin, nationality, gender, pregnancy or parenthood, marital status, age, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation or any other grounds covered by the prohibition of discrimination. Dealings with NTT DATA Business Solutions AG own employees shall be free from harassment, bullying or intimidation.

Health and Safety at Work

Compliance with laws and regulations on health and safety at work must be ensured by our Suppliers and must be viewed and implemented as an integral part of their organization. The safety, health and welfare of each and every employee is given the highest priority.

Human and labour rights

Our Suppliers are committed to the principles of compliance with internationally recognized human rights, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is expressed in the eight core conventions of the International Labour Organisation. Remuneration and other benefits must at least comply with the respective national and local legal regulations. In addition, we do not tolerate any form of child or forced labor at our Suppliers. By this we mean any work that is not demanded of a person voluntarily and/or under threat of punishment. Furthermore, we do not tolerate any form of slavery or human trafficking. We expect our Suppliers to ensure that the same rules apply to external agencies that may provide personnel.

Dealing with the environment

We as a company want to minimize the environmental impact of our business activities, therefore we support and prefer IT systems and solutions that help to reduce environmental impact. We therefore also expect our customers to recognize the relevance of assuming responsibility for environmental protection and to act in accordance with legal requirements with regard to the environment and sustainability and to take responsibility for environmental protection. This proof can be provided in particular by certification according to internationally recognized standards such as ISO 14001. We attach great importance to the fact that our partners use natural resources sparingly and keep the environmental impact of their production processes and products as low as possible, thus contributing to the reduction of energy consumption and CO² emissions.

4. Implementation of the Supplier Code of Conduct

NTT DATA Business Solutions attaches great importance to ensuring that the contents defined in this Supplier Code of Conduct are adhered to in contractual relations and implemented by Supplier.

If our Suppliers do not comply with the principles set out in this Supplier Code of Conduct, NTT DATA Business Solutions AG is entitled to take appropriate measures in the event of a violation, depending on the severity of the violation. NTT DATA Business Solutions AG may, among other things, request the respective Supplier to remedy the violation immediately, to assert claims for damages or to terminate the business relationship with this supplier. In the event of serious violations, NTT DATA Business Solutions AG reserves the right to terminate the business relationship on an extraordinary basis.

NTT DATA Business Solutions AG may decide at its own discretion to waive such measures and instead seek alternative solutions, provided that the Supplier can assure that it will take immediate countermeasures to avoid such conduct in the future.

We will not under any circumstances tolerate any deliberately irregular conduct by our Suppliers which endangers the reputation of the company or causes noticeable disadvantages for the company and will sanction it accordingly. Our Compliance Management System and our other control functions ensure that our conduct is in compliance with the rules.

5. Notification and Audit Rights

Reporting compliance violations is a high priority for us. Suppliers are obliged to provide written notice without undue delay in case of any known or suspected violations of this Supplier Code of Conduct. NTT DATA Business Solutions AG will hold the right to audit remote or on premises with prior notice at the sole and reasonable discretion of NTT DATA Business Solutions AG.