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Sotreq Accelerates Tax Performance with GUEPARDO

Why NTT Data Business Solutions?

  • Known by its renowned tax projects;
  • Software 100% adequate to the Brazilian reality;
  • Solid partnership that enhances customer profitability;
  • Multidisciplinary experts to map scenarios and visualize opportunities.

We implemented a financial module with NTT DATA Business Solutions in two weeks and the result was a success. We have seen that the tax consulting expertise of NTT DATA Business Solutions could be interesting because of the tranquility and security in the implementation of the GUEPARDO Tax Software. We even assessed another solution that appeared to be integrated, but it did not take care of all state and local taxes. Since the implementation of GUEPARDO, we managed to reduce costs, we had more speed in the processes, more autonomy and all the deliveries were automated. Now we have everything mapped within the system and it is very easy to calculate taxes.

Christina Santos

Desafíos y Beneficios


  • Present in 70% of the national territory, the level of complexity and detail of the information delivered to the IRS required a lot of time, for it was necessary to carry out thorough manual reviews (especially IRPJ, CSLL, PIS, COFINS, ECD and ECF) from inconsistent bases, with aggressive deadlines. Sotreq needed a partner to review, map, configure and automate all information, according to the IRS layout and gain speed on the delivery of local, state and federal obligations.

Digital Transformation

  • Among the platforms offered by the market, the GUEPARDO Tax Software was chosen as technology partner for being the only one to meet all the obligations of the local, state, federal and accessory spheres in an integrated manner, in addition to mapping and offering the user a managerial strategic vision of all fiscal steps, pointing out risks and making tax knowledge a synonymous of cost optimization in the organization.

Operational Benefits

  • Managerial vision in the fiscal process steps, with reports for verification;
  • Calculation that took 1 and a half day, takes now 2 hours;
  • Automated control in review of federal, state and local ancillary obligations;
  • Accounting x tax conciliation;
  • Autonomy with a focus on practicality and cost reduction;
  • Integrated, fast and safe review;
  • Elimination of adjustments and manual inputs.

Always protecting the security of the information, NTT DATA Business Solutions Brazil has implemented the GUEPARDO Tax Software at Sotreq, accelerated tax productivity and the company has now management visibility in the process steps.

Providing mobile and innovative technologies that contribute to the productivity of customers is part of the essence of Sotreq. In order to quickly meet the legal requirements, maintaining the excellence in the provision of specialized infrastructure solutions, Sotreq needed to implement a solution with a managerial vision of the processes, to optimize the tax accounting routine and to eliminate rework.

Known by its renowned tax projects, NTT DATA Business Solutions believes that the secret to success is a solid partnership that enhances customer profitability, in addition to being the right hand in the conquest of the tax accounting compliance. Therefore, it has multidisciplinary experts to map scenarios and visualize opportunities. NTT DATA Business Solutions has implemented the GUEPARDO Tax Software at Sotreq, eliminated manual inputs, integrated information and made the calculation and deliveries to the IRS practical, quick and reliable.


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