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Pisa Success Case - GUEPARDO Tax Software and AMS Suite


Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • NTT DATA Business Solutions Brazil was responsible for implementing SAP ECC, and the partnership continued when Pisa contracted AMS suite and technical support.
NTT DATA Business Solutions (FH) as a current business partner is a key supplier for upcoming projects and new implementations at Pisa.

Jeandré Guimarães, IT Manager, PISA

Headquartered in Norway, Pisa Group is a global leader in manufacturing paper for publications and is the second largest newsprint producer in the world. Currently, it has business units located in 11 countries, among them Brazil.

The choice for GUEPARDO began in the implementation of SAP ECC, which came to complete the usage cycle of SAP ERP. “What led us to choose NTT DATA Business Solutions (FH) was the experience, local presence, great knowledge and great prestige of GUEPARDO’s integrated solution”, reports Luis Gomes.

Desafíos y Beneficios


  • Pisa’s main challenge was to find a solution to support and provide greater efficiency and control to business processes. Previously, Pisa used the system only for maintenance of purchases and finances, with the implementation of ECC by NTT DATA Business Solutions, the newsprint company closed the cycle with sales, logistics, wood and an integrated tax software, GUEPARDO.


  • Reduction of SAP application management cost;
  • Higher satisfaction levels in service to business areas;
  • Better control over expenses with SAP application support;
  • Higher service levels and operational efficiency;
  • More flexibility and agility to meet business needs.


  • GUEPARDO Tax Software

GUEPARDO is Pisa’s Tax Software

The only newsprint producer in Brazil selected the GUEPARDO tax software for tax management in its Brazilian unit. The partnership that began when NTT DATA Business Solutions Brazil was responsible for implementing SAP ECC continued when Pisa contracted AMS suite and technical support.

In order to optimize tax management in its Brazilian unit, separating the assessment of Brazilian and Norwegian tax obligations, Pisa implemented the tax software GUEPARDO. The solution was selected when the company chose NTT DATA Business Solutions to implement the SAP ECC system. In order to receive the GUEPARDO tax software, Pisa first had to complete the SAP ERP deployment. It was then that the first phase of the partnership between Pisa and NTT DATA Business Solutions began. As an SAP partner, NTT DATA Business Solutions implemented SAP ECC at Pisa, enabling full management of the company through SAP ERP. Soon after, GUEPARDO was added, sealing the investment made by the organization. “Our partnership with NTT DATA Business Solutions began as we were near the end of the service life of some commercial and logistics systems that had been developed internally. NTT DATA Business Solutions helped in the implementation, and today it also helps us in providing the Help Desk for SAP”, says Luis Gomes, Pisa’s CFO.

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