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Automation streamlines workflows and speeds up invoice processing

Providing a high level of customer service is key for Mieszko SA that sells its products in more than 60 countries from around the world. They embedded digitization of documents in their strategy and embarked on a journey of automation with MAKIRA Capture.

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MAKIRA Capture helps Mieszko automate document handling

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • A broad portfolio of proprietary
    extensions to take full advantage
    of the capabilities of the SAP
  • Knowledge of the customer’s specific
    business and food industry processes
  • Best practices in SAP solutions and
    previous cooperation

Reducing the number of critical errors is the result of automation, enhanced by machine learning and artificial intelligence. In times of increasing document volume, it is important to gain control and transparency of data.

Feliks Mayer, Kierownik ds. Informatyki i Analiz, Mieszko SA

Business need

  • Automate invoice processing and save time
  • Minimize manual steps in repetitive processes
  • Improve the quality of document handling


  • MAKIRA Capture – a proprietary OCR solution for the SAP system to
    recognize and handle documents
  • The document is sent in PDF format and is entered into the system
    by a software robot
  • The solution is covered by maintenance support services in the
    context of product development


  • Standard and automated document handling processes
  • Capture all types of business documents
  • Automated regulatory compliance
  • Higher document control and monitoring
  • Document capture in SAP ERP
  • Ready-to-use solution

Business need

Innovation in a global business

Providing a high level of customer service is key for Mieszko SA, which sells its products in more than 60 countries from around the world. The client has been a manufacturer of pralines and boxes of chocolates for more than 70 years, which are known under the Michaszki, Cherrissimo and Magnifique brands. The modern approach to the offer translates into the operation of the organization itself. First, the client decided to implement SAP ERP. In 2021, attention was drawn to the need for comprehensive automation of document handling. MAKIRA Capture, a proprietary extension to SAP from NTT DATA Business Solutions, was selected to handle this process.


Digitization of documents embedded in the strategy

Mieszko’s strategy is based, among other things, on digitizing processes and reducing activities that require the most manual work. Such include handling documentation and entering key information. Automated document recognition and processing is possible thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, which are used in MAKIRA Capture software.
Through optimized processes, documents are emailed as a PDF attachment and then entered into the system by a software robot. The above mechanism allows for the automation of document scanning and recognition, as well as their registration and effective management in the SAP ERP system. “Comprehensive streamlining of the invoice handling process makes it possible to speed up and increase the quality of customer service. Work efficiency and data compliance are also increased,” says Felix Mayer, IT and Analysis Manager at Mieszko SA.


Time savings and data transparency

Manually converting documents into one format, entering documents and verifying information are time-consuming processes. The MAKIRA Capture software allows all document values (e.g. on an invoice) to be automatically recorded and categorized in the SAP system. Thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, the solution relates data and acquires more and more information along with the documents already registered. The system learns recognition patterns, including when the document format changes. In such a situation, digital documents are created without the risk of losing information.

The MAKIRA Capture solution is part of the MAKIRA package, which allows handling many types of documents: invoices, sales orders, certificates and HR documents. The use of such software in an organization saves at least 60% of the time spent on document handling.
Trusted partner.

A priority for Mieszko SA was to configure business processes in accordance with current regulations. Also noteworthy is the cooperation in implementing the solution. “NTT DATA Business Solutions is a trusted partner, and the experience of the experts influences the smooth implementation of a solution that is effective and in line with our needs.” – says Felix Mayer. The commitment of the team translates into results visible from the first day after implementation.

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