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DMG MORI Global One

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?
  • Expert for Robotic Process Automation
  • Extensive knowledge of RPA methodologies, planning and implementation
  • Long-term RPA project experience
With structured consulting expertise, the itelligence* experts have encouraged us to start the RPA trip in our group. As part of a proof of concept, itelligence* has developed two RPA bots in a very short time, which will make our business processes even more efficient in the future.

Employees: About 12,000 (2020)

Turnover: About BEUR 2.4 (2019)

DMG MORI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machine tools and drives future technologies with the highest dynamics and excellence.

At a total of 154 sales and service locations, more than 12,000 employees are working on integrated automation and digitization solutions and offer a comprehensive portfolio of lathes and milling machines on a daily basis.

Desafíos y Beneficios


  • Elimination of manual, repetitive, digital and structured activities within the business process
  • Limitation of error sources


  • Automation of manual processes
  • Valuable contribution to increase productivity
  • Saving of internal employee resources and focusing on value-adding activities
  • 100% transparency and traceability of the process flows
  • Reduction of time and workload
  • Less processing errors
  • Uncomplicated scalability


  • Support within process elaboration
  • Design and development of two RPA bots with UiPath
DMG MORI Global One - From Repetitive Processes to Digital Workflows with RPA

Accompany us on our RPA trip with DMG MORI. Learn more about how two RPA bots make business processes more efficient - today and in the future.

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RPA - Simulating Human Interactions with Software

Discover how Robotic Process Automation software can carry out rule-based and repetitive tasks on any platform and how it frees up between 15% and 30% of your time.

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When RPA Knocks on the Door

For DMG MORI, it was clear that monotonous and redundant processes should be streamlined, optimized and automated in order to reduce the employee workload. But not every process is suitable for automation using Robotic Process Automation. For the identification of suitable processes, there are
some basics that must be considered. In close collaboration with our customer, we analyzed two processes in detail.

How RPA supports employees.

Use Case 1: Managing Training

DMG MORI offers employees and suppliers an internal training program for which they can register via a website. Now, a developed RPA bot supports the search for confirmation emails within the mailbox and takes over the following processes.

Use Case 2: Creating Invoices

Based on a manually maintained Excel table, the organizers create the invoices for the trainings. Now, another bot takes over the approvals in the ERP process and generates invoices.

And the results? Clear time and cost savings. We implemented both scenarios in only a few days and created rapid success and business value for DMG MORI. So, nothing stands in the way of the digital future.

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