Tableau Self-Service BA Tool In a Visual League of Its Own

Helps companies overview and understand their data


The Visual Choice

The BA tool from Tableau transforms data into insights for small and medium sized companies, from start-ups to well-established companies, with only a few clicks. The innovative Business Analytics platform integrates with SAP and other ERP solutions and gives easy and intuitive access to self-service analysis and visualizations of the results in reports or dashboards.

The strength of Tableau is without doubt the visualization. Tableau literally helps companies view and understand their data. Even large amounts of data can be portrayed graphically and presented in a manageable and aesthetic manner. This makes it easier to understand data and make the right decisions. Every day.

Self-Service BA Tool For Users and Analysts

Tableau can be used by everyone and can be adapted to all needs in the organization, from employees in the different business areas to analysts with the need for more advanced functions.

Tableau’s BA tool is scalable and can be adapted to the business’ needs for both simple and advanced analysis. One scenario could be that the business needs insight into its own data and creates analysis locally within the company. Another scenario could be to roll out Tableau to the whole company and share data across the different business units. Hence, Tableau supports companies’ wishes to understand the more complex data connections and use these strategically.

With Tableau, you avoid the use of individual Excel spreadsheets. Instead, you make analysis in a BI system, which integrates with all data sources and makes sure that the correct data is used. The solution can be implemented on-premise or in the cloud.

Do You Experience One or More of These Challenges?

  • Can the individual business areas not analyze their own data fast and correctly?
  • Are you not able to share information and knowledge fast and appropriately in order to strengthen the cooperation across the organization?
  • Do you wish to replace manual Excel processes with an innovative self-service tool, which can validate data sources?
  • Do you lack analysis that is communicated in a simple and visually accommodating manner?
  • Do you need to strengthen data governance and comply with GDPR with a formalized tool for analysis?

Tableau Software: How Can We Support You?

NTT DATA Business Solutions is among the leading Business Analytics providers and full service suppliers within Business Analytics in Denmark. We have many years of expertise in Tableau and combined with our in depth knowledge of SAP, our customers get not only a solid solution but also reliable advice. Our consultants can help with anything from strategy to design, governance, licenses and project management. Our technical experts contribute with both hosting, implementation, education and support.

Download a free trial of Tableau Software here

Tired of Guessing? Try Your Data!

DataForBusiness is a tool that gives you answers to how your company is using existing data to further develop the business. Since 2017, close to 500 companies have used this tool free of charge. DataForBusiness gives you access to the latest research-based insights, a 360 degree analysis of competencies, potentials and barriers, individual benchmark in regards to performance and your peers, and a clear action plan and access to certified consultants.

Benchmark your business within a few minutes

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