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Keep Your Company Secure on the Inside with ERP Maestro's Access Control and GRC Solutions for SAP

Simplify access controls while reducing risks, minimizing fraud and decreasing costs for premium SAP protection

Easy to Use. Hard to Beat. Uncompromising Excellence in Access Controls

ERP Maestro’s suite of cloud access control and GRC solutions enables SAP customers to easily monitor and manage Segregation of Duties (SoD) and access risks with the most streamlined, user-friendly application that can be downloaded and installed in minutes to hours. No hardware, upgrades or maintenance required – ever.

Benefits and Features

Completely Cloud, Totally Automated

ERP Maestro’s access control and GRC Solutions were the first cloud products of their kind to speed deployment, analysis, reporting and ungrades.

Intuitive User Experience

The Streamlined user experience and intuitive risk dashboard make it easy for all users – not just security and IT professionals – to understand risks by role, rule and business process.

Rapid Deployment

ERP Maestro’s solution can be deployed quickly, many times within minutes to hours not days or months and without touching your sensitive data.

No Hardware, Maintenance or Upgrades Needed

No on-premise servers or hardware are required, ERP Maestro removes the added work and and on-premise tools to run its solutions – as well as the costs for maintenance and upgrades.

No Manual Work

Automation alleviates manual processes and errors that can occur through human operations, access risk analysis, reporting, periodic reviews, emergency access and provisioning are done quickly and conveniently.

Zero Deficiencies after Use

Deficiencies lessen quickly after deploying ERP Maestro’s solutions. Most companies report zero deficiencies after use.

Leading the Pack with the Best-in-Class Risk Analysis and Reporting with a Best-of-Breed Access Control Solution

One hundred percent of ERP Maestro’s resources are devoted to developing access controls and GRC solutions that are trusted and used by seven of the top 10 global audit firms for their own clients. A drill-down risk dashboard provides an instant, filterable snapshot of all SoD risks – then dives deep into the source of those risks, empowering teams to quickly prioritize remediation efforts.

Multi-application Access Controls for an Enterprise-wide View of Risks in SAP and Cloud Applications

Businesses have multiple systems and they need a way to view and manage access and SoD risks across all applications in a single dashboard for total and integrated protection. Customers get the same great access controls for their cloud applications and their ERP – in one solution.

Control Access Risks and Prevent Fraud

  • Analyse SAP security roles for Segregation of Duties and perform periodic access reviews efficiently and effectively
  • Manage user provisioning and emergency access quickly and safely
  • Meet audit and compliance requirements
  • Experience fewer deficiencies, improve completeness and accuracy
  • Improve internal security for SAP while reducing costs

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