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Leverage the data in your organization to the fullest and use it to exceed customer expectations by delivering personalized engagements to your customers consistently and on every channel with SAP Emarsys.

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Personalized Customer Engagement with SAP Emarsys

Enable your marketers to create and deliver truly personalized customer engagements based on data and AI without the need for a dedicated data team. Drive revenue by empowering your marketers to act on marketing insights in real-time and make decisions proven to address underperforming business areas. Simplify your marketing operations without compromising on the quality of them and thereby accelerate business outcomes with SAP Emarsys.

Key Features:

  • Consolidate and enrich sales-, product- and customer data easily using the integrated data layer
  • Create personalized and dynamic marketing content using the intuitive block-based visual content editor
  • Easily build marketing automations using drag-and-drop of automation elements
  • Deliver personalized customer engagements on any channel (Email, SMS, Web, Mobile, digital ads, etc.)
  • Leverage out of the box analytics to evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns and identify business opportunities
  • Drive revenue by leveraging pre-built and proven tactics aimed at addressing underperforming business areas and improving your marketing performance
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At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we are a team of passionate and experienced CX consultants. Though our primary focus is on the SAP Customer Experience suite, we are first and foremost CX consultants who believe that customers should be at the centre of any business. We advocate for building customer-centred business processes with the customer journey in mind in order to maximize the value for the customers while reducing inefficiencies for the businesses. Implementing a CX application is a great start towards meeting or even exceeding customer expectations, but this should not be a standalone initiative to place the customer at the centre of your business.  

If you are curious about our services, what we have to offer and why us, please check out Your Situation – Our Services.   

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