Here’s the last piece of the puzzle before Qlik Sense is perfect

Review of QuickView 1.0 the first version of the by new legendary software!

On Thursday the QlikDevGroup in Denmark and South Sweden where fortunate enough to have Henric Cronstöm visit and talk about how the QIX engine works and what we as developers could do to make it even faster. Later that evening in the bar, Henric brought out his laptop, loaded an old Windows XP image and loaded up QuikView 1.0. Which generated a audience of Qlikies that where filming and sharing pictures of this legendary piece of software. Qlik Sense is just too modern for many of us!

Shortly after that hightlight of the evening, we discussed if it would be possible to use the new unreleased Qlik Sense theming functions to create a Qlik Sense theme that would implement the look of the first Qlik Sense release into the current product. And I can proudly say that I’ve achieved exactly that!

The Qlik Sense QuikView Theme

We have used the same colorscheme as QuickView initially was released with. Notice the Windows 3.11 like blue captions and the bevel on the edges of boxes.

Though it’s not perfect, it works and makes the modern Qlik Sense experience feel like something from the 90′. Of highlights I can list:

  • Marble Backgroud
  • Windows Style Captions
  • Green Selected is now almost radioactive Green
  • Chart colors are Super Blue, Super Green, Magenta, Yellow etc.

There’s a lot of room for improvements, but you can get it here. And please provide some feedback if it’s useful and I should improve on it or if you prefer that we should make a QlikView 2.0 theme next time?

I’ve placed the code on Github for all to try and maybe make a bit of fun with the Qlik presales team.

Henric has written a number of blogs post about the history of Qlik, they are a great read so here are the links: Part 1 Part 2  Part 3

The Marble background was one of the trademarks of the early Qlik apps.
QuikView theme for Qlik Sense
Mapping is also okay, but here its shown with modern Qlik Sense colors.
For comparision here’s what QuikView 1 looked like!
Torben Seebach
Torben Seebach
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