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NTT DATA Business Solutions | december 1, 2021

Marketing Insights Have Never Been More Actionable


By now it is common business knowledge that the key to truly differentiate a business in a crowded market is to deliver an outstanding customer experience. This is easier said than done, especially in a market more than saturated with different marketing applications and technologies. Most businesses use a range of marketing technologies, which often create data silos, and this is probably one of the biggest obstacles in being able to offer a true and outstanding omnichannel customer experience.

However, marketers would probably argue that marketing is much more than just a technical endeavor – to deliver an outstanding customer experience one must not only set a strategy but also be able to execute on it to be able to deliver real business results. This is where it can easily become very tricky and time-consuming. If it were easy to set a strategy and execute on it, the business landscape as we know it would probably look entirely different. Nevertheless, this is exactly what Emarsys Customer Engagement excels at – identifying areas of revenue growth opportunities, recommending strategies along with a selection of tactics, which in a matter of a few clicks boil down to predefined marketing automation ready to be executed. The solution eliminates data silos by unifying and scoring customer data and enables you to turn all your owned channels into highly personalized communication tools.

The art of marketing is no longer reserved for those who have been in the business the longest or are the most creative – but for those who are able to rapidly and successfully act on marketing insights and revenue growth opportunities.

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