Workshop – SAP Identity Management

Embed identity management into your business processes for tighter IT security. Reduce risk and centrally manage user access across your enterprise – with SAP Identity Management.

The software integrates with your business processes to provide robust data and application security. SAP Identity Management (IDM) is a solution for companies who see software as an investment, rather than as a cost.

Roiable and NTT DATA Business Solutions has worked with the SAP IDM since the solution became part of SAP’s portfolio in 2008 and has successfully implemented the solution in a multitude of scenarios for companies from various industries.

Join Our Workshop:

Jointly, NTT DATA Business Solutions and Roiable now offer you a free session where you can get answers to any question you want on the topic.

To help you along and get you up to speed, we will present demos of different scenarios, currently in high demand on the market.

We will then have a productive discussion on how you can get comfortable with the right solution for you.

Gather questions from your subject matter experts, you will have occasion to ask them all.

Time: 13.00 – 15.00


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