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Supporting Sustainability: NTT DATA Sponsors Polar Pioneer Expedition

In January of 2023, polar explorer and sustainability advocate Robert Swan, OBE, will seek to complete a 35-year goal to cross the entire Antarctic landmass on foot. NTT DATA is a primary sponsor of this expedition, which will demonstrate the viability of renewable energy, sustainable practices and advocate for the long-term protection of Antarctica.

Robert and Barney Swan on an expedition to the pole
support for Robert Swan's at his antarctic expedition

Robert Swan, Polar Explorer and Sustainability Advocate

The Undaunted Story

Robert Swan is the first person in history to walk to both – the South and North poles. With the Undaunted expedition, he intends to cover the final miles he needs to walk 1,500 miles across the entire breadth of Antarctica, as he already has walked more than 1,400 nautical miles and has 97 miles left to complete his goal. Because two previous attempts ended due to injuries. Despite the setbacks, Swan remains “undaunted” and is going back to finish the mission, which should begin around December 26, 2022, and conclude around January 14, 2023.

On his expeditions, Robert Swan demonstrates the viability of renewable energy technologies and sustainable practices in the planet’s most inhospitable environment. These will include generators powered by renewable biofuels as well as clothing and equipment made from recycled materials – if these solutions work there, they can work anywhere.

Why Antarctica Matters

Antarctica is a frozen desert – for many millennia minimal snow and ice crystals have accumulated here, so that 98 percent of the content is covered in ice over 1 mile thick on an average. The Antarctica has locked 60 to 70 percent of the Earth’s total fresh water in its ice sheet. If it melts, our world will experience about 60 meters of sea-level rise. “Antarctica is the last true wilderness on the surface of our planet, yet even this incredibly remote location is experiencing devastating effects from climate change with catastrophic implications for us all”, said Robert Swan, who also calls Antarctica the “ground zero in the fight against climate change”.

The Antarctic Treaty and 2041 Foundation

Robert Swan’s first walk to the South Pole inspired him to create the 2041 Foundation. The organization’s name refers to the year when the Antarctic Treaty, which is subject to review in the year 2041. Thus, the foundations mission is to engage businesses and communities on climate science, personal leadership, and the promotion of sustainable practices. They do this by informing and inspiring the next generation of leaders to protect polar regions and preserve Antarctica as the last great wilderness on Earth. The foundation also advocates for sustainable public policies, personal lifestyles, business practices and innovative technologies.

Realizing a Sustainable Future

Sustainability is a top priority for NTT DATA’s leadership, clients and employees alike. Rob Swan’s example is inspiring as NTT DATA continues our pursuit of ambitious company targets and drives research into innovative sustainability solutions.

Bob Pryor, CEO at NTT DATA Services

NTT DATA Sponsors Antarctic Expedition
Watch on NTT DATA Sponsors Antarctic Expedition

NTT DATA Sponsors Antarctic Expedition

NTT DATA Sponsors Antarctic Expedition for Climate Change Awareness

NTT DATA announced its sponsorship in an Oct. 20 news release. The company is supporting Robert Swan’s Undaunted expedition based on the company’s vision to realize a sustainable future. In November, NTT DATA launched a web-based app and a podcast series to provide information on Swan’s expedition and encourage individuals and organizations to commit to their own journeys toward sustainability. This web app includes Robert Swan’s bio and summaries of his expeditions, tips for starting a personal journey towards sustainability and much more information.

NTT DATA is proud to be sponsor of the expedition to promote sustainability and protect Antarctica as well as applauds the 2041 Foundation for its efforts to inform and inspire future generations of environmental champions who will provide leadership and advocacy when the Antarctic Treaty becomes subject to review in the year 2041.

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What Can You Do?

In the year 2041, the fate of Antarctica will be decided. Join us for the remaining 20 years to ensure we have the sense to leave one place on Earth untouched. One thing Robert Swan’s Undaunted expedition demonstrates is that every person and organization can make a constructive contribution and has a role in fighting climate change. Even small actions add up to significant milestones on the world’s collective journey to sustainability.

Get started now! Learn more about free educational materials for the next generation and how you can start the journey – whether individually or at an enterprise level.

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