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Laurens Steffers
Laurens Steffers
Consultant Food & Agriculture

"Personally I think I have the best job in the world! Working as a developer with the newest technologies SAP and Mendix have to offer and working as a Design Thinking consultant to help users to get the best possible solution they haven’t even thought about when they started the session! How cool is that?!" Laurens has studied Computer Science at the University of Utrecht. After graduation in 2002 he started as a SAP programmer. During the years he managed to fill in different roles on many projects from programmer to project manager, to workshop facilitator within Design Thinking. His enthusiasm for the Food & Agriculture industry gave him even more reason to get into all the processes and technologies SAP and Mendix have to offer, for the simple reason that the current state of the agriculture worldwide has many challenges which need to be faced. He believes technology and the “we can do this together” mindset from NTT DATA Business Solutions can help customers overcome these challenges.

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