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From HR to HCM to HXM Today - Talent Management in Change

HR departments have evolved over time, but the term “Human Resources” suggests a now outdated viewpoint: that employees are a resource. The move to Human Capital Management (HCM) reflects a more data-driven approach, but that term doesn’t quite capture industry best practices when it comes to leveraging your employees’ performance.

Today, the world’s most successful companies no longer treat their people as resources or as capital but rather as important stakeholders to be invested in. They call the practice Human Experience Management (HXM).

But, that’s not all – the challenges for people departments have also become much more demanding at the same time.

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What Are Your Current Challenges in Talent Management?

How to deal with digitalization

Digitalization has changed the business landscape. Concise, accurate HR data is vital for evolving with the changing needs of your business.

How to ensure cyber security

High sensitivity of HR data and the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation require a high degree of accuracy.

How to attract top talents

People's unique interests make recruiting difficult. Millennials choose jobs based on cultural fit over compensation.

How to build a career

Millennials want continuous support and develop soft skills which will be critical factors for companies’ success.

How to meet diverse employee needs

In recent years, employee diversity has become a serious competitive advantage. Align total workforce skills and resources with current and future business needs.

How to maintain your company culture

The New Normal forces most of us to work remotely and keep distance from coworkers. Soon, it has become clear that maintaining the company culture is no easy task.

Fit for Change in Times of Digitalization and New Work? Better Be Prepared.

Read our Guide and get to know, how to master challenges, handle typical processes, prepare your workforce in 7 steps and implement HR solutions seamlessly and smoothly.

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Why Is HXM a Critical Factor for Your Business Success?

Though strategic human experience management has become crucial for success, the shift from HR to HXM is about more than a simple name change: it’s about measuring and adapting a business based on how employees feel. This is harder than it sounds.

Studies show most managers think they are doing a good job of people management, but few employees feel the same way. Reasonable Human Experience Management can only be achieved by committing to programs that support employee engagement by using proper performance management, learning management, and employee development.

But What Do You Need to Change and Why Do X-Data Matter?

What you have been tracking in your existing HR software since years is O-data, or operational data about tangible activities. These data refer to the information HR departments traditionally rely on to make decisions about talent management. They include new hires, job search success, employee turnover, bonus assessments and organizational changes. The information often answers “What?” questions and is important for your operational management. But that’s just the beginning to understand the employee experience.

X-data, or experience data, tell the story from the employee’s side. The data help you answer the question, “Why?”, for example: “Why do you like your job?” or “Why don’t you feel fulfilled?”. This information allows you to better understand and support employees and empower them to perform to their highest level. As technology becomes ever more integral in work life, these experience data become more important. According to SAP, a whopping 70 percent of millennials say a bad experience with technology could lead them to quit a job.

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From Talent Management to Excellent Talent Experiences

Listen to Your People and Promote Engagement

  • 50% state that managers should help with career development
  • 55% say recognition for good work is crucial
  • 57% think a clear link between work and strategic objectives is important
  • 60% demand opportunities for learning and development
  • 53% value confidence in senior leadership

Source: Qualtrics Study, 2020

How Do Our Human Experience Management Solutions Support You?

Use Workforce Analytics to Evaluate Employee Experience

As a global go-to-market partner to SAP Qualtrics, we offer you the entire SAP portfolio, including SAP Analytics Cloud and Experience Management (XM) solutions from SAP Qualtrics.

With SAP Qualtrics’ employee surveys you get answers to questions like “Was your onboarding process successful?” and “Do you have a trustful relationship with your superiors or coworkers?”. By analyzing these experience data, you get intelligent insights in your employees’ emotions and this allows you to better serve your people’s needs. Employee-focused products and services are key for future growth as they impact business outcomes such as employee lifetime value, talent recruitment, and people retention.

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Boost Both - Employee Experience and Performance

To guarantee success, HR processes must be made more efficient. This enables your employees to focus on your core business. You should also manage recruiting and onboarding in a defined manner to ensure that your people have a positive employee experience.

According to SAP, companies that invest in employee experience see three times the revenue per worker and 40 percent lower employee turnover, compared to companies that don’t. Such investment can also bring 17 percent higher productivity per person.

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Safe Time for Strategic Tasks - with SAP SuccessFactors

Go beyond traditional HR software. With SAP SuccessFactors you can digitalize your entire personnel processes from data management to correct payment administration and gain more time for strategic tasks. And, what’s more: You offer your people a modern working environment, intuitive solutions, and – in combination with our SAP Qualtrics solutions – role-based positive employee experiences.

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Fast-Track Your Time-to-Value with Our Talent Management Solutions

SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solutions combine state-of-the-art SAP software with our services and intellectual property based on 30+ years of experience.

Our it.talent managementR2R pre-defined, agile implementation approach allows us to accelerate the deployment of SAP SuccessFactors HXM solutions. You’ll get the complete implementation package at a fixed price and with a fixed timeline. Our all-round packages include pre-delivered best practices, tools, and content. Thanks to our remote delivery model, you can profit from reduced deployment costs. Trainings, guides, and documentations are included.

With our cloud-based offering, you’ll reap the benefits of industry-leading solutions in a matter of weeks.

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Improve Your HR Data Quality with Our Talent Management AddOn guardianADD maps and combines all relevant data elements to improve, assure, and safeguard HR data quality. With our solution you can validate master data across decentralized systems – from payroll to telephone systems. In doing so, guardianADD creates a solid data foundation for a broad range of HR activities such as data analytics and reliable reports. guardianADD ensures that all master data is verified and supports GDPR-compliant HR policies. Data can be integrated from a variety of sources, ranging from Microsoft Excel to Oracle Database.

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Let's Create Great Human Experiences with Our Main Solutions

This Is Why We Are Uniquely Positioned as Your Perfect Partner

As a trusted SAP partner, we have 30+ years of experience with SAP platforms, such as SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite, SAP S/4HANA, and other HR technologies. Indeed, since 2012, our 220+ certified SAP consultants have completed 260+ SAP SuccessFactors projects for more than 160 customers.

Our experts are familiar with all HR topics and know about the great challenges of driving digital transformation beside your daily work. In view of complex HR laws and orders, differing in each country, you are on the safe side with us. Our global acting HR experts track country-specific regulatory changes and develop local best business practices.

We understand your market, your industry, and your technology. Our local proximity, global capabilities combined with our employees’ values allow us to be always close to our customers. Based on this, we develop individual solutions for you and transform your requirements into long-lasting business solutions. This is how we build trusting partnerships and create added value for you.

Certified SAP SuccessFactors consultants

SAP SuccessFactors projects


NTT DATA Business Solutions AG

SAP cloud technology enabled us to build the best HR system to support our global workforce, which has modernized and improved the employee experience.

Dennis Döring, Head of HR IT Systems and Analytics, NTT DATA Business Solutions AG

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Talent Management Events

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Neue Ideen digital entwickeln – Innovationen vorantreiben mit SAP Innovation Management 2.0

Vergessen Sie den „Ideenkasten“ im Unternehmen. Dazu sind Ideen und Innovationen viel zu wichtig! Beteiligen Sie alle Mitarbeiter am Ideenfindungsprozess – und das endlich effizient...

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How We Have Established a Digital Work Experience for Our Employees

Since 2018 we have a new digital coworker in our location in Horsens, Denmark. Let Pernille introduce herself: “Hey, my name is Pernille and I am working for NTT DATA Business Solutions. My main task is to support my coworkers with general tasks, onboarding new employees, and information on demand. I am the one who provides great working experiences for my colleagues, meaning that they can save time, in order to focus on their main tasks. And, I can assure you, for this they really love me!” Read more in my blog post!

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