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One way-of-working and unique data management for all sites

In this story you can read how RIHO has real-time insight into the total international operation.

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Why did RIHO choose us as a partner?

  • Our proposed approach corresponded to how RIHO wanted to handle the implementation: with both consultants and key users working together as a team effort. There was a lot of attention for the learning curve of RIHO’s own people. After all, they are the ones who need to work with the system.
  • At the sites in Eastern Europe, SAP was already running and RIHO already gained experience with our Czech colleagues of NTT DATA Business Solutions, and that worked well.
  • We have experience with similar projects in the manufacturing industry.

With this new system, we can make all data transparent. We are now able to take the right decisions at the right time.

Guy Claesen, CEO, RIHO International

Industry: Manufacturing
Products: Bathroom furniture, showers and baths
Locaties: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary
Medewerkers: 170 employees across locations
Website: www.riho.com

Challenges and benefits

What challenges did RIHO encounter?

  • The different systems of the international branches were not integrated with each other. RIHO wanted a single system to achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and better quality. And with it: being able to provide better service to customers.
  • The different locations worked with their own master data and their own processes. To gain insight, data had to be collected and consolidated from different points. This increased the risk of errors. RIHO therefore wanted to move towards a uniform way of working and a single source of truth.
  • Due to the fragmented application landscape, there was no direct insight into the total supply chain and daily processes such as production, inventory, sales, and more.

What solutions did we implement?

  • SAP S/4HANA public cloud.
  • Various Label Apps via an integration with Nicelabel and applications built on the SAP Business Technology Platform: Customer Label, Sales Kit Label, Shipping Label, Product Label.
  • Confirm Production Operation App – these applications were also built on SAP BTP.
  • Integration with it.cloudscan, a mobile scan solution for warehousing.
  • Product master data app for filter options characteristics integrated with SAP S/4HANA via a Mendix API.

What is improving for RIHO now?

  • All locations work according to the same processes through one integrated system. RIHO thus has a single source of truth for all entities, which can be used to analyse data from all production and warehouse locations in real time. This allows the company to make the right decisions when it matters.
  • With every location working in the same way, processes are carried out more efficiently and the quality of production, inventory management and services, among others, has improved and remains consistent.
  • RIHO’s data management now has a unified approach. This means that all product data, pricing, and product names (also in different languages), and more, are maintained centrally and can be accessed in one place. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors.
  • Because data can be retrieved in real time, analysed and reported in a standardized way, the number of errors is reduced, production planning can be monitored faster and better, and RIHO can proactively identify and take action if needed.
  • RIHO saves considerably on IT costs because the company uses a cloud solution. Maintenance of the system is therefore easier, and it is automatically provided with the latest updates.

1 single source of truth

When your customer immediately experiences the benefits of your software solution in their daily operations within the first few weeks, you know you have chosen the right system together! This is certainly true for RIHO International, where the public cloud edition of SAP S/4HANA went live in May 2022. This designer and manufacturer of high-quality bathrooms, sanitaryware, and bathroom furniture’s former system was at the limits of its capabilities. The requirements for the new software? Instant insight into figures, product data and supply chain processes of daily operations, a uniform way of working for all locations and standardized – but above all easy and quick to retrieve – reporting. Check, check, and double check: because this is exactly what we implemented together with RIHO.

Customer Reference
RIHO International, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Direct insight into figures, product data and the supply chain. With one system for 6 international locations, RIHO International now works in the same way everywhere. In this story you can read how choosing SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud ensures that RIHO International is always on top of the business.

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How we gave RIHO International control over production, stock, logistics, and finance
Watch on How we gave RIHO International control over production, stock, logistics, and finance

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🌍 7 locations throughout Europe
👥 170 employees
✔️ 1 integrated system
✔️ 1 standardized way of working
✔️ 1 single source of truth

That is what we developed and implemented together with RIHO to give them control over production, stock levels, and IT costs. In this video, you’ll discover how.

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