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RAUMEDIC AG – Top-Level AMS & Managed Cloud Services

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • NTT DATA Business Solutions project managers, consultants and service delivery managers offer a wealth of expertise in the fields of AMS and Managed Cloud
  • Structured implementation process
  • Many years of constructive cooperation

Christian Vogler, IT Professional Applications - SAP, RAUMEDIC AG

Experience in medical technology and pharmaceuticals stretching back more than 70 years speaks for itself. Keeping people healthy is our mission and, when it comes to maintaining our high quality standards and supplying products of the required quality in good time, we rely on the first-class AMS and managed cloud services from itelligence* AG.

Christian Vogler, IT Professional Applications - SAP, RAUMEDIC AG

826 Employees (2019)

EUR 114.3 million Turnover (2018)

Products: Synthetic components, systems for various diagnostic and therapeutic applications

Headquarters: Helmbrechts, Germany

Challenges and Benefits


  • Specialist guidelines in medicine mean that high data center standards are required
  • SAP support for projects and in case of temporary staff shortages
  • Industrial site in rural area calls for special on-site support
  • Need for scalable SAP application support in some cases


  • Ongoing, routine SAP operation ensured, as well as refinement of SAP applications outside day-to-day business
  • Rapid project implementation thanks to support from AMS experts with SAP Enhancement Package Upgrade
  • ISO-certified service processes for AMS & Managed Cloud
  • Basis for digital transformation via SAP S/4HANA “readiness“


  • Application Management Service (AMS)
  • Managed Cloud (Hosting)
  • SAP Enhancement Package Upgrade

On behalf of health: AMS & managed cloud services at the highest level

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About the Project

RAUMEDIC AG – Always on Hand when Life is at Stake

Reliability, precision and quality are fundamental characteristics of RAUMEDIC AG, a medical technology company that processes synthetic materials. It has five production facilities across Germany and the USA that process medical-standard thermoplastic polymers and silicones in cleanroom conditions. The polymer specialist is a partner to the international medical technology and pharmaceutical industries and develops and manufactures customer-specific components such as tubing, catheters and molded parts, as well as complex assemblies and systems for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Progress is paramount – and that applies to SAP, too. That was why the manufacturer chose to call upon the expertise of NTT DATA Business Solutions AG back in 2006.

Space for RAUMEDIC to Do What it Does Best– More Time for Day-to-Day Business thanks to AMS and Hosting

It is not difficult to see the advantages of AMS and managed cloud services, as handing over business tasks to experts in the field will in turn free up internal capacity. In this context, RAUMEDIC enjoys the benefits of the servers provided by NTT DATA Business Solutions, as well as its network technology, storage space and SAP expertise. RAUMEDIC’s own highly skilled SAP team always works constructively with the consultants from NTT DATA Business Solutions. There is no need for the manufacturer to invest huge sums in IT infrastructure; instead, it can rely on maintenance and upgrades made by NTT DATA Business Solutions. In an age of big data, backing up business data is an essential element of success. So that RAUMEDIC does not have to spend as much time handling routine tasks, NTT DATA Business Solutions AMS helps with supporting SAP applications. That gives RAUMEDIC more space to concentrate on its daily operations.

Already Prepared for the Future – Foundations Laid for SAP S/4HANA

When it comes to IT, ERP system migration is something of a turning point for companies. The SAP S/4HANA projects are gradually being rolled out. Having upgraded to SAP EhP8, RAUMEDIC is ready for the new era in enterprise resource planning (ERP). It is now possible to introduce the SAP HANA database smoothly and lay the groundwork for the new SAP S/4HANA ERP software. The upgrade was successfully carried out in cooperation with experts from NTT DATA Business Solutions, and RAUMEDIC continues to benefit from the support and continuing development of SAP applications provided by the NTT DATA Business Solutions Application Management Service. This means that it is right on target in following its roadmap through the digital transformation.

A Stronger Competitive Position – High Standards Kept GxP-compliant

“GxP” refers to guidelines for good working practices applied primarily in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The “G” and “P” stand for “good practice,” while the variable “x” defines the specific application in question. RAUMEDIC focuses on good manufacturing practice, and it has high expectations of its production processes, as well as of the quality of its IT service provider – NTT DATA Business Solutions AG. With the SAP expertise and years of experience that NTT DATA Business Solutions brings to the table, there is nothing standing in the way of a successful audit, which means that RAUMEDIC will be able to stay true to its values and maintain its quality standards in production long into the future.

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