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Leroy Merlin Success Case - Assisted Sales

It is essential to have a strategic partner, who understands the business, the needs and the speed at which the challenges are to be implemented. The choice of NTT DATA Business Solutions was satisfactory due to its experience in SAP and SAP C / 4HANA.

Matthieu Grymonprez, Global Leader Digital Data - CDO / CIO, Leroy Merlin.

Employees: + 89.000

Leroy Merlin arrived in Brazil in 1998, specializing in construction, finishing, DIY, decoration and gardening, offering 80 thousand items divided into 15 sectors: building materials, wood, electrical, tools, carpets, ceramics, sanitary, plumbing, gardening, between others.

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  • Integrate sales platforms and management structure, facilitate the search for products and relevant information with real-time access to inventories. Restructuring the assisted sales process and providing unique experiences for the sales team and the final consumer.


  • Unique and differentiated shopping experience;
  • User experience (UX) that benefits the agility and efficiency of the seller;
  • Simple learning curve, without the need for extensive training to master the tool;
  • Customized, responsive service, tailor-made service for customers and 100% assisted sales;
  • The seller can count on exclusive resources to identify the right products and offer complementary products (cross selling);
  • Flexibility and improvement of sales, inventory and logistics outflows;
  • Sharing opportunities in all sales channels;
  • Multi-service, which allows you to serve multiple customers at the same time and monitor the customer in all purchase channels.


  • This is a case of success as it was the first omnichannel assisted selling project in Brazil, with the SAP C / 4HANA platform! Currently, customers start their shopping journey at home, through the website, on the tablet or on their cell phone, being able to check information, see tutorials, answer questions and complete the purchase at the physical store, with the advice of Leroy Merlin salespeople who are able to assist in the indication. of products and services through access to the shared cart.

1st project of Brazil On Assisted Sales at Leroy Merlin

NTT DATA Business Solutions Brazil has implemented an omnichannel solution at Leroy Merlin, which tracks all stages of the purchase journey and provides a unique experience for users.

The construction materials segment has a comprehensive sector dynamic, as it faces challenges ranging from construction, industry and materials trade, to services to the final consumer. In an increasingly integrated and omnichannel scenario, being ahead in the race for the achievement of digital transformation is not just being present on the internet, but providing a unique experience to all users, across all channels.

For the experience generated in the time of purchase results in increased conversion, it is necessary that retailers know how to offer the right product, at the right time. In addition to using technology as an ally to receive predictive insights that reflect more assertive sales, using the most technological in omnichannel assisted selling, Leroy Merlin implemented SAP C / 4HANA with NTT DATA Business Solutions (FH) and transformed the way the company operated its sales.

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