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Increasing HR management and daily work with SAP SuccessFactors

The modular, cloud-based HR solution requires little customization and complies with the GDPR.

The new system has cut the amount of red tape while increasing transparency and the degree to which the employees work is connected to our strategy. It is our firm belief that happy employees equals satisfied customers, and indeed, our customer satisfaction showed remarkable improvement in 2019.

Tommi Saikkonen, HR Manager, Caruna Oy

Increasing the organisation and transparency of HR management, management and daily work with SAP SuccessFactors – Case Onni

The modular, cloud-based HR solution requires little customisation and complies with the GDPR.

Caruna wanted to adopt a modern HR management model instead of the rigid old performance management model it had been using. Caruna had several requirements for the new system. It should increase transparency and enable easy feedback to colleagues, and improve overall performance assessments as well as the correct documentation of performance and competencies. It should also include an IT system to support the HR process and make it light and intuitive. Caruna opted for SAP SuccessFactors, which enabled the organization to monitor whether it was on the right track in terms of its objectives. SuccessFactors enables personal development, planning and monitoring. Thanks to careful planning and change management as well as standardized functionalities, it only took Caruna a few months to deploy the solution.

All Onni users get to enjoy the mutual transparency, sense of openness and ongoing feedback introduced by SuccessFactors.

Caruna got to enjoy the following benefits by switching to SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals with the support of SAP and Pasafin:

  • Ease of use: Employees find the system easy to use, and the deployment of the system was intuitive.
  • Transparency: The system adds transparency for all Onni users, with regard to their own objectives and those of other users. This makes it easier to internalize and steer the company’s strategy. The system enables the employees to see a clear link between their work and the company’s strategy.
  • Commenting: Employees can adopt good objectives from their colleagues and provide positive feedback and comments regarding the solutions used by others. They can also submit a request for feedback to a colleague regarding the way they perform a task.
  • Openness: The system creates a sense of openness for all employees by enabling them to take part in the change process as well as in terms of the implemented transparency.
  • Feedback: Continuous feedback throughout projects has received praise from the employees.
  • Processes: The KPI goals and reports now support the annual HR processes because it is possible to monitor how processes progress and how schedules are implemented. There are also mutual development target themes in place.
  • Documentation: Documentation works differently than in the old system, where the ERP system only included the bonus goals and where the personal goals were scattered across separate Word documents.

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