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Cacau Show Success Case – CRM Web Channel

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?
  • Know-how in the franchise market;
  • Expertise in SAP All-in-one implementation.
Cacau Show has over 1,500 franchises distributed throughout Brazil, and one of the only points of contact that franchisees have with the franchisor is through our portal, based on the Web Channel tool. We expect to further strengthen this successful partnership and that NTT DATA Business Solutions continues to assist Cacau Show regarding projects to support our growth.

Employees: + 1.500

One of the largest franchising companies in Brazil, with over 1,500 points of sale across the country.

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  • The main challenge was to complete the project in just six months, according to budget. It was necessary to integrate the business areas: IT, SAP Consulting and NTT DATA Business Solutions. After aligning the synergy between areas, NTT DATA Business Solutions put the project in production with SAP All-in-one in parallel, thus meeting the objectives.


  • Agility in order reception;
  • Tool easy to use for the franchisee;
  • Availability of actual inventory for the franchisee;
  • Available inventory considering delivery lead time;
  • Single user for a franchise network;
  • Catalogs set by store type;
  • Financial data available online;
  • Exclusive sales channel for line and campaign products;
  • Use of best market practices for sales processes;
  • Productivity gains in logistics with 20% improvement in inventory control process.


  • Implementation of CRM Web Channel allows greater inventory and data reliability in the interaction with franchisees. Therefore, franchises now have a fully interactive and efficient portal.

CRM WEB Channel for Cacau Show franchisees

When Cacau Show realized it needed a channel to strengthen the relationship with its franchisees, it opted by NTT DATA Business Solutions Brazil to implement the CRM Web Channel tool.

In view of its remarkable growth, the company identified the need to invest in a tool for contacting franchisees that was reliable and compatible with its constant evolution. According to Jorge Devitte, the decision to contract NTT DATA Business Solutions took into account its know-how in the franchise market and expertise in SAP All-in-one implementation. “We chose NTT DATA Business Solutions, together with SAP, to implement CRM Web Channel. Thus, we will strengthen our relationship with our customers throught a friendly access portal”, says Devitte.

With CRM Web Channel, the entire network of Cacau Show franchisees have simultaneous access, easy and fast order reception and access to real-time information about their status in the franchise network. “The option for Web Channel is also due to the fact that it is a robust platform, flexible and fully integrated with the ERP”, says the IT Manager at Cacau Show.

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