A State of Flux: Rethinking Business Models with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Part 2

#2: Enlarging the Digital Footprint of the DAIRY Group

In the first part of our blog series, we learned how DAIRY Group, our fictional organization, uses SAP HANA Cloud Platform to tackle the challenges of a more and more digital and international business environment. The second part of the series will provide a deeper insight into DAIRY Group’s next steps on its way to digital cloud transformation. See how cloud solutions will help the company keep pace with future challenges and how cloud transformation will change entire business models faster than expected.

Scalable Cloud Solutions – Future-Proof and Tailored to Each Specific Need

To accommodate the different IT requirements of its subsidiaries, DAIRY Group decided to implement scalable, innovative cloud solutions, such as SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Hybris, and SAP Business ByDesign, the two-tier cloud ERP system. Each subsidiary can now select the functionality it really needs to streamline business processes – according to its size or country-specific laws and regulations, for example.


Now, the headquarters and all business units and foreign subsidiaries are fully integrated. New changing requirements and needs can be covered instantaneously and with little effort. Thanks to its digital cloud transformation, DAIRY Group is fully prepared for future developments and market requirements.

Unleash the Full Power of Digital Cloud Transformation

With these cloud solutions, DAIRY Group is able to choose the right steps towards further cloud digitization. The steps were mainly focused on transparency and management of agile markets and business requirements. Based on the technological options it now has access to, DAIRY Group started a program to enhance its own services with SAP cloud technology and use the full potential of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. To do this, DAIRY Group decided to build applications for its customers.

Unleash the Full Power of Digital Cloud Transformation

The food sector was the best opportunity to start. Newly-developed applications enable consumers to analyze in real time all relevant information about food products, such as certificates and countries of origin. One of the main highlights is the option to obtain detailed information about DAIRY Group products and its ingredients, which are certified GMO-free. The group also decided to focus its efforts on digitization to maximize transparency and improve customer satisfaction, thus staying ahead in global markets.

General Benefits of Digital Cloud Transformation for the Whole DAIRY Group

  • Cloud-based models for up- and downscaling business
  • Extensible services for apps, infrastructure, and database
  • Simplified deployment, development, and management of cloud-based applications
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Seamless integration of on-premise and cloud
  • Intuitive, responsive, and device-independent user interface
  • Real-time analysis and reports
  • Rapid simulations to aid decision making
  • Role-based user experience for all devices
  • Instant, data-driven insight for all lines of business s

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