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Not a week goes by without news regarding SAP Fiori, the next level UX. I have visited the SAP Partner “User Experience” Event in Walldorf (Germany) and gathered the most important statements for you. Watch the embedded Vlogs below to be up-to-date in this influential area.

Is Fiori mandatory for S/4HANA Enterprise Management 1610?

SAP stated that it is not, but we’ve already experienced some cases where it has been necessary. We highly recommend that our customers delve into this area NOW, because with 1610, the Fiori theme is also available with classic S/4HANA applications. That means that you can gain from having Fiori as the new User Design without losing a whole bunch of functionality, not even SAP Power Users!

Good news for Fiori users of the cloud version: SAP CoPilot will be your digital assistant in the future. Interaction comparable with “Siri” will pave the way for the upcoming user experience evolution. SAP will have it released by the beginning of next year.

Want to BUILD a better User Experience?

Say hi to “Build”! Build is a well-rounded compilation of tools for designing and building enterprise apps purposefully and easily. This amazing tool brings designers, experts and developers together, while spending less time on the overall development process.

Make the most of your existing interfaces with SAP Screen Personas. This tool lets you optimize existing SAP GUI screens in order to increase usability. It’s easy to use, since it applies (for example) drag-and-drop modifications.

Fiori 2.0 – The Red Dot Design Award Winner

Maybe you already noticed that Fiori 2.0 won the Reddot Award for its design. Be curious! It comes with very different design patterns and new capabilities. And it will definitely be easier to handle. I was happy to hear that Fiori 2.0 will be available for both – S/4HANA and the Business Suite.

The Fiori Cloud Version contains around 40 Apps at the moment – most of them for approval processes. Discover way more apps in the on-premises version! But don’t forget about the advantages the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) may have… such as the powerful SAP WEB IDE to extend SAP Fiori apps.

Back in May, SAP and Apple announced closer collaboration. This event will affect Fiori in a positive way. Five applications are on their way. Our experts are, too 😉

About Janina:

Janina is part of the Global Business Solution Team at NTT DATA Business Solutions. In her role, she is responsible for UX technologies globally. Together with UX experts all over the world, she loves to design the UX strategy for customers and take responsibility for global innovation projects in close relationship with SAP.

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