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How do I ensure the safety of our data in the Cloud?


Cloud software keeps track for you

The cloud is always up to date which gives companies a major advantage when it comes to security standards. Whereas local security systems in many companies have to be updated frequently and still use old-fashioned technology, cloud software is constantly changing to keep your data safe.

Especially sensitive data can benefit from cloud based security measures.

  • End-to-end encryption for sensitive data to ensure complete protection
  • Flexible administrative options to control data usage per account
  • Data-analysis to detect unusual activities and potential security risks

Security and Compliance in one solution

Cloud-based business software furthermore ensures compliance standards and can offer Service Level Agreements for your individual needs. Cloud solutions ensure the highest levels of security with frequent testing, updates and certificates.

Cloud technology gives you the flexibility and choices to determine what data you want to move to the cloud and what data should remain in on-premise systems. You can mix public cloud applications and services, private cloud managed services and on-premise technology to your specific needs and keep your data where it’s safe.

Even with the growing challenges of security risks online and the further difficulty of incorporating mobile devices into the company’s security plans, cloud software can give you control and simultaneously ease your workload by ensuring the safety of your data automatically. Analysis of app usage and employee behavior with sensitive data helps you to optimize security measures.

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