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FAQ: How the Digital Transformation Is Shaping HR

A new generation of employee has arrived: Empowered by technology, millennials are driving digitization and leading a workplace revolution. This FAQ explains how you can make your enterprise more attractive and provides an insight into the future of talent management.

There is currently much talk about a revolution in the way people work. What is driving this change?

Technology has evolved at a startling pace in the last couple of decades. And these advances have given rise to digital natives—the dynamic and tech-savvy members of Generation Y. When it comes to work, they demand the same kind of freedom and flexibility that they enjoy in their personal lives. This can be attributed to the fact they grew up in the ‘always on’ society. It is these new, heightened expectations that are main driving force behind changes in the workplace.

Does this just affect younger employees or are the expectations of Generation X changing too?

Members of Generation X are just as ambitious as their younger counterparts. In today’s corporate world, remaining competitive means remaining connected, and that’s why the digital transformation affects the entire workforce, not just millennials.

What does this mean for employers?

First and foremost, this trend has huge implications for businesses looking to attract and retain skilled employees. The war for talent continues to become more competitive, and according to recent research nearly three quarters of CEOs are concerned about the availability of key skills. This means it is more important than ever for modern enterprises to cater to the needs of all employees, both current and prospective.

What would be a good starting point for my business?

One of the best approaches is to embrace technology. Enterprises that do this will not only be seen as more innovative and forward-thinking, but also stand to increase productivity and job satisfaction among their existing workforce. For example, solutions that enable employees to work on the go—and on the device of their choice—give staff the mobility and flexibility they are looking for. In short, innovative technology attracts innovative employees.

What are the best tools to support talent management?

Cloud solutions can be especially beneficial, as they are easy to implement and offer anywhere, anytime access to information. One example is the SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite. These modular applications cover the whole talent management lifecycle, from recruiting to performance and goals management to succession planning.

How can I create a culture of teamwork in my organization?

Social platforms are a good way to encourage collaboration and mobile working. Solutions such as SAP Jam connect globally dispersed workforces, boost employee engagement, and increase efficiency. In this way, cloud technology can help businesses gain an edge on the competition.

What does the future hold for HR?

Big data has already started to revolutionize finance and marketing, and many expect that it will soon play a bigger role in HR, too. Predictive analytics will give enterprises a more effective way to identify, develop, and retain their most valuable employees. For example, using employee data, business could find out which employees are most at risk of leaving in the near future and take proactive measures to keep them. By harnessing powerful technology like this, CHROs will become more deeply involved in high-level strategic decision-making in the future.

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