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How can my business profit from Big Data?

You are a business leader and want to use Big Data to get important business insights? Our information portal answers your pressing questions and helps with innovative cloud solutions.

How to gain from Big Data

According to a forecast by research firm International Data Corp. (IDC), the Big Data market will grow 23% till 2019, meaning that by 2019, companies will spend nearly 50Billion US-Dollars on business data each year.

Especially the Internet of Things (IoT) – turning everyday objects into smart machines that collect and use information – will be one of the key elements that will turn Big Data from an innovation to a necessity.

Cloud solutions therefore play a big role as they manage to detach the data from local servers and central office desks. Instead, you can obtain, work with and view data from your tablet, smartphone or laptop wherever you are.

Furthermore, instead of reshaping your local infrastructure over and over again to cover the demand, the scalability of cloud infrastructure helps your company to adapt to new data-driven business models in no time.

Be on top of the Internet of Things

The IoT is the combination of data and workflows, resulting in processes that can be optimized while they’re running. If you add sensors to your machinery, you can control workflows but also learn from them, obtain information on how your company uses the machines and how their use can be optimized.

Even though most media are talking about smart kitchens and Wearables, the real force of the IoT lies within business intelligence and workflow-optimization.

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However, to ensure real-time access to your data, cloud based solutions and infrastructures are best suited, especially as the amount of data will grow exponentially in the next few years.

Be smart about Data

Big Data is only the beginning. To truly gain business intelligence from the information your employees, your customers and your machinery generate, you need to be able to analyze and report data. All in all, you need to turn Big Data into Smart Data to truly gain an advantage on the market.

The workflows involved to gather, store and process Big Data need to be fast and automatized. You don’t have time for employees to pour over lists of data sets to find true insights. You need software instead that will give your employees the right business reports that will help your company grow.

If you have any additional questions around innovative cloud solutions, visit our cloud information portal. We are actively listening to your questions and addressing them with information based on our customers’ firsthand experiences and from top industry resources.


In the next blogpost we will explore how Cloud can answer the question „how do I achieve a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure?“


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