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Asaleo Care: Getting Answers Instead of Timeouts


Financial Reporting in Record Time with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

Cloud computing provides a flexible option for enterprises to run their IT. And with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, there is a really simple way to reap the benefits of SAP HANA in-memory technology. Asaleo Care, a leading personal care and hygiene company based in Australia, joined forces with NTT DATA Business Solutions to accelerate its reporting.

“Immediately available and reliable reports are one of the most important tools for business management.” Any enterprise would find it difficult to disagree with this statement from Dan Kotiah, General Manager of Information Technology at Asaleo Care. Nevertheless, many organizations are still looking to accelerate their financial reporting.

Asaleo Care was no exception. The company manufactures, markets, distributes, and sells a wide range of everyday consumer products belonging to well-known brands, including Tork, Purex, and TENA. The management board recognized SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud as the ideal opportunity to further improve processes within the organization. “We wanted to analyze costs and profitability even more quickly and easily, realize the potential for improvement, and plan more flexibly overall,” explains Kotiah.

Nine Times Faster Financial Reporting

By migrating its systems to the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, Asaleo Care has drastically accelerated forecasting and planning—up-to-date figures are available in near-real time. “Our team now simulates more financial scenarios with larger volumes of data—and in less time,” says Kotiah. This means managers can now obtain answers to highly complex queries that previously resulted in timeouts.

Financial reporting at Asaleo Care is now nine times faster: the cost-volume-profit analysis now takes just five minutes instead of 45, for example. Business intelligence dashboards enable the management to access detailed information at the touch of a button. The company is now able to exploit the full potential of increasing amounts of data.

A Ten-out-of-Ten Partnership

To facilitate the transition to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, Asaleo Care looked to its long-standing IT partner NTT DATA Business Solutions. After a successful proof of concept, the project could begin. Experts from NTT DATA Business Solutions started by migrating the existing SAP Business Warehouse and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation solutions to SAP HANA. They then remodeled the data collection processes before migrating systems.

Throughout the project, NTT DATA Business Solutions kept risks and downtime to a minimum. Asaleo Care were extremely satisfied with the outcome: “We rate the collaboration ten out of ten,” says Dan Kotiah. The company can now make better decisions in less time thanks to the power of in-memory technology. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud has given Asaleo Care the flexibility needed to thrive in the digital age.

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