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How do I guarantee the safety of our data in the Cloud?


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The fears of lacking security in the cloud are highly overrated – says Jay Heiser, Gartner’s specialist in IT risk management and compliance. Instead, most data breaches were caused by employees and a lack of intern security guides. “Cloud services aren’t failing; customers are.”

Even more so, cloud software can even help your data being more safe than ever before, especially for companies who don’t have the IT capacities for all-round security measures (and controls).

As Daniel Gerster, CIO, Ronald Berger Strategy Consultants says: „We all agreed: business-critical data is safer in SAP’s high performance computing center than on servers in our own data center.”

Whether you want to enhance your existing security measures with the help of cloud-based technologies or plan to base your entire infrastructure in the cloud, your data security can profit from the digitalization and analytical capacities of the new technology. Be in control of your data.

“When providing software services I will also need to guarantee security and compliance standards. How can I protect our data in the cloud?”

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