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Ulrich Meine | 6月 20, 2018

AWS Global Summit Berlin: What’s New in the World of AWS?


The Global AWS Summits are the leading group of events for Amazon Web Services. They provide the perfect platform for AWS users to connect with partners and share ideas, learn more about the platform, and get their voices heard. We at NTT DATA Business Solutions took the opportunity, for the second time, to connect with the community at the AWS Summit 2018 in Berlin.

AWS has emerged as a key driver of cloud computing and sent reverberations around the IT world. Its use within SAP environments is a growing phenomenon and has effectively created a new business culture. We at NTT DATA Business Solutions saw the AWS Summit as another perfect opportunity to connect with the AWS community. As one of the key players in SAP technology, we took the chance to support the event and, at the same time, share insights into the potential of this powerful platform. Here’s a rundown of what happened at the event.

Best Practices for Migration and Implementation

Migration is the first step when it comes to using AWS at your own business but can also present challenges. At the event we shared knowledge on our standardized practices for these key processes and explained how we can support businesses with a seamless transition. Attendees learned about how we use an adapted version of Fast AWS and SAP Transformation (FAST) to perform migration in matter of days.

SAP Hybris Takes Center Stage with AWS

You’re probably aware that SAP Hybris and its solution suite have been rebranded as SAP Customer Experience and SAP C/4HANA respectively. And this product range will continue to utilize AWS. We used the opportunity to present an approach for AWS Kubernetes and Auto Scaling and explained how this enables flexible usage of SAP Hybris for basically any web application load requirement.

AWS Containers and Data Lakes Provide New Opportunities

Besides SAP, a lot of people focused on two trend topics: container technology and data lakes. AWS perfectly supports these areas with its solution offering. Container technology allows users to run an application in resource-isolated processes. People can gain insights into how you can run apps more quickly, reliably, and effectively, while providing more granular control over resources. AWS underlined this trend by announcing availability of its new Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes. Data lakes are also a versatile functionality that visitors talked about in detail. AWS explained how users can store all structured and unstructured data and analyze in different ways, including analytics and machine learning.

An Expert Partner Key to Unleashing the Potential of AWS

Amazon Web Services continues to revolutionize businesses’ IT infrastructures by providing more effective resources to innovate with. However, AWS is only a platform and there is only a limited amount of support services available. For this reason, an expert partner or service provider is essential to unlock the platform’s full potential. Our customers remain at the forefront of what we do, and we have been invited by Amazon to give feedback to the Amazon Partner Network. In this way, we ensure our customer base gets their voice heard and we can identify areas for optimization together.

Reflecting on a Successful Event

We were pleased with how the 2018 summit went. Around 6,000 visited the event in total, which shows the significant interest in AWS Public Cloud. And excitement is increasing around what the combination of AWS and SAP software can achieve. This highlighted by the high volume of requests submitted to us. Furthermore, at the Benelux edition of the summit, demand exceeded the number of seats available.

What Does the Future Hold?

All of this highlights the growing importance of AWS for SAP users in the business world. As the platform becomes more complex and evolves, we will contribute to ensure our customers always have what they need to stay ahead of the competition. We’re looking forward to the many AWS Global Summits in 2019 already.

To find out more about NTT DATA Business Solutions’ partnership with AWS, please visit our dedicated page.



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