How NTT DATA Business Solutions Embraces Smart Travel Expense Management

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The taxi to the airport in Singapore. A croissant at the station. Dinner with customers. Cable for my laptop. Train ticket to a business appointment. Until a few months ago I collected a shoebox full of billable receipts every month. And then I had to find time to register, account for and submit them. How do I do that now? On the fly. In just a few clicks. Literally. NTT DATA Business Solutions has embraced SAP Concur and I cannot imagine any other way.


Declare on the Fly

Goodbye, shoebox. Goodbye, excelsheet full of expenses. Bye, filling out hours and checking the numbers in hoping I did not make any mistakes. I now declare expenses and travel expenses super fast and easy. When I have lunch somewhere, I scan the receipt with my mobile phone via the Concur app. The algorithm then automatically recognises the billable amount I have spent. And the app notifies me how much I have spent. If that amount matches the receipt, I agree and save it. At the end of the month, I get an overview and send it to my manager for approval, together with all the saved receipts. Best of all, the app automatically recognizes different currencies and also knows intuitively what type of expense is involved. This can vary from taxi costs to office supplies.

Spend Less Time on Administration

The benefits of the app? I can throw away the receipt. It saves me an enormous amount of time and research and our administration also spends considerably less time verifying and approving. That leaves space, time and money to do cooler things with my time. In fact, I can finally work on that one point that I keep putting on my to-do list.

A Money-saving Solution for Education and Research

Of course, IT consulting is not the only sport where Concur can make a difference. Particularly in a field such as education and research, the hours saved by Concur researchers are worth their weight in gold. Visiting congresses and conferences at home and abroad to share knowledge and network with colleagues, for example. But also interviewing people, field research that takes place internationally, visiting an archive in one city and a library in another are examples of situations that involve quite a lot of varied expenditure. And, we all know that budgets in education and research are not always that generous. Institutions are therefore well advised to invest in solutions such as Concur. Not only does it save them time in terms of administration and the opportunity to save money, it also gives researchers extra time, which they can spend on research.

Happy Employees and More Insight for Employers

Travel expense management has become a lot less frustrating for me thanks to the arrival of SAP Concur within NTT DATA Business Solutions. Whereas storing, sorting out, processing and accounting for receipts used to be a fairly error-prone challenge, now it’s a simple operation in an app. Wherever and whenever I want. I can check the status of my claims anytime, anywhere and I also have a better overview of my expenses.

This also applies to NTT DATA Business Solutions itself. It now has full insight into the claim patterns of all employees, less time spent on (manual) administrative tasks and less money spent on the IT management costs associated with the old system. In short: an absolute win-win situation.

Curious whether your organization will be equally happy with SAP Concur? I would appreciate to discuss the possibilities with you. I bet you will.


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Pim Lucas Braun
Pim Lucas Braun
Consultant Education

Pim Lucas Braun graduated at Zuyd University in Maastricht with a degree in International Communication; he did a major in Chinese Language and also studied at Beijing University of Technology in China. After graduating Pim Lucas started as Student Lifecycle Management (SLCM) consultant at NTT DATA Business Solutions in 2015 and his main expertise was in Student Finance and Academic Structure. In 2018 he switched roles and started as presales consultant. He provides demo’s to universities during market consultations, works on getting the tender documentation ready and this can be under some time pressure every now and then. Eventually these projects give him a lot of energy: “being rewarded for teamwork is the best there is!”.

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