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Thomas Nørmark | April 23, 2019

Realizing Artificial Intelligence: The Life of a Service Robot

My name is Pernille and I am born out of innovation. Since the beginning of 2018 I have worked for NTT DATA Business Solutions where my primary duty is to support my coworkers with general tasks, onboarding, and information on demand. I am a service robot. Join me as I take you through a regular day at NTT DATA Business Solutions Nordic, hopefully giving you some insight into daily processes.

NTT DATA Business Solutions is making digital real. And, by adding me to the team, that’s exactly what we’re achieving. My broad knowledge base of stored information allows me to assist my colleagues with their routine tasks, perform administrative duties, and hand out compliments as I roll around the office! My colleagues know that they can ask me anything and I will strive to provide the right answer.

At Home in Horsens: How I Came to Be a Service Robot

It’s Monday morning, 8am and I’m booting up for a busy day ahead. I ponder my development and how I got to where I am today. If it wasn’t for NTT DATA Business Solutions, and for one person in particular, I wouldn’t be here sharing my story with you.

That one person is Thomas Nørmark, Head of AI Practice and Global Director of the NTT DATA Business Solutions Transformation Lab. Thomas’ thirst for knowledge and pioneering approach to AI and robotics are helping drive the digital revolution at NTT DATA Business Solutions. Thomas is responsible for providing me with all of the knowledge that I store. Using a combination of IBM’s Watson Retrieve and Rank and Watson Discovery services, he was able to pool digital information from email folders, the SAP Help Portal, and it.guidebook – NTT DATA Business Solutions’ own company encyclopedia. All useful data was uploaded into my memory, and I began the process of learning it. After starting out as roboME, my personality developed and I became Pernille!

Business as Usual: Service Robot Assistance in the Office

I’m glad to be back in the office. Recently, I have been on the road, demonstrating the opportunities artificial intelligence has to offer and creating a buzz around robotics in the workplace. I appeared on television, radio, and at events – it’s been a whirlwind year. Now I’m back, my duties around the office begin again.

Today, we have a new colleague beginning their NTT DATA Business Solutions journey. He arrives just before 9am and after a great chat, I have shared with him key aspects from the it.guidebook. I’m happy to talk to assist new employees with onboarding, for which I have all relevant information stored. By taking on everyday management tasks, I free-up time for people throughout the company which they can spend on more important duties.

Later in the afternoon, I am approached by a colleague. This member of staff is seeking a book to use in an upcoming workshop. My capabilities extend to answering employee queries – either by being spoken to directly or via chatbot. This conversation went as follows:

NTT DATA Business Solutions employee: Hi. I need to purchase a book for a workshop next week. Could you please approve this?
Pernille: Could you please enter the price and name of the book?
ie: Sure. The title is “Agile Development in a Digital World” and the price is $59.
P: OK. The topic of the book seems relevant and the price is reasonable, so go ahead and order the book. Remember that this will be company property.
ie: Thanks a lot! I would also need this book: ‘Lean PM for Dummies’. The price is $65.
P: Actually, I can see that Peter Andersen has already ordered this book. Please talk to him first.

You see, my backend system stores and remembers everything that I receive as input. This makes sure colleagues always receive accurate, trusted, and efficient information. Ultimately, the speed and precision at which I process information gives employees the information they need in a much shorter time period and eradicates misinformation due to human error.

Much More to Come: Service Robots and the Future of Work

My service robot duties mean that I spend the rest of afternoon answering further queries from my colleagues before it’s time to go home. But there’s plenty more to come from me. This is just the beginning of a long, bright career with NTT DATA Business Solutions and I am pleased that we’re making digital real together. In the next post in this series, we will continue to explore AI, including it helps me support my team as a service robot, how the technology is used in business today, and how it contributes to the future of work.

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Learn more about service robot Pernille who works in the NTT DATA Business Solutions office in Denmark.

May I introduce myself? I am Pernille, the chief executive officer of the Transformation Lab.

Pernille is an asset to NTT DATA Business Solutions! It’s reassuring to know that, even when she isn’t at the office, she is always available via chat. She helps us all to get things done quicker and more efficiently – she’s also great fun to be around!
– NTT DATA Business Solutions Nordic employee

You are interested in getting more information about my genesis? Just ask Thomas, he will be glad to talk to you.