Indústria: Metal and Synthetic Materials Processing
Categoria: Cloud

New Possibilities and Functions with SAP Cloud Integration (CPI)

SAP Cloud Integration enables integration of processes as well as data and links cloud solutions with on-premises systems and applications.

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Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • Years of partnership involving successful joint projects
  • Competent and reliable partner with extensive knowhow in the area of integration

The smooth step-by-step conversion to the new SAP CPI has been proceeding very steadily and efficiently. NTT DATA Business Solutions has supported us with its outstanding expertise. The knowledge transfer to our in-house experts in particular has worked brilliantly, with the result that we can now continue to develop the system independently to a large extent.

Reinhard Wiggers Head of Processes and Systems, TECE GmbH

Industry: Building services, metal & plastics processing, and building supply industry

Products: Sanitary systems and plumbing & piping systems

Employees: 1,740 (2021)

Sales: approx. 325 million euros (2021)

Headquarters: Emsdetten, Germany


Challenges and Benefits


  • Support for SAP Process Integration 7.30 was coming to an end, necessitating the selection of a replacement
  • Change from on-premises middleware to cloud integration
  • Hybrid system landscape with a variety of cloud services and on-premises systems
  • Salesforce integration


  • Implementation of integration processes with enhanced logic
  • Platform-as-a-Service (cloud) with permanently up-to-date runtime environment for interfaces as well as new functions, updates and security functions
  • Stable, consistent quality of connections
  • Guarantee of uninterrupted operation


  • SAP Cloud Integration (CPI) as replacement for SAP PI
  • SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)
  • Salesforce Adapter migration
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About the Project

Consistent Customer Proximity

Founded in 1987 as an engineering firm, TECE GmbH now operates as a global company in the area of sanitary systems and plumbing & piping systems. The company’s success is due above all to TECE’s philosophy. Maintaining customer proximity at all times and keeping the dialog going, that’s the secret. This strong focus on the customer and on sustainability keeps driving the company forwards.

Middleware of the Future

To be able to keep pace with the rapidly changing IT landscapes and requirements, TECE decided against continuing with the classic on-premises middleware and chose a more futureproof and innovative cloud solution for integration purposes. SAP Cloud Integration enables the integration of processes as well as data and links cloud solutions with on-premises systems and applications. The replacement of SAP Process Integration (PI) helps to support the technical change from on-premises to cloudbased middleware. TECE operates a hybrid system landscape with a variety of cloud services and on-premises systems. These range from SAP applications to non-SAP, TECE’s own and third-party solutions.

Migration to the new Cloud Solution

Support for the company’s existing SAP NetWeaver 7.30 middleware system ended in 2020, which meant a choice between migration to SAP NetWeaver 7.50 or SAP Cloud Integration. TECE decided in favor of an SAP Cloud Integration migration project to be conducted using a coaching approach, enabling the customer to build up the knowhow required for the cloud solution. During the course of the project, the interfaces were migrated to the new integration platform, which involved a transfer of integration artifacts and a reimplementation of interfaces using modern interface technologies. Within the project, the integration processes were checked for optimization potential and adaptations were realized that would ensure greater stability during productive operation. Attention was focused in particular on the reimplementation of the Salesforce integration scenario, which benefited from the change to the process-oriented SAP Cloud Integration and the new Salesforce Adapter. In order to prevent any disruption of dayto- day business the conversion of the interfaces was performed gradually. This meant that the entire replacement process was realized without any incidents.

Interfaces always Up-To-Date

Now, TECE is able to utilize integration processes with enhanced logic. Use of the new cloud-based solution enables permanently up-to-date runtime environments for interfaces. TECE thus benefits not only from regular updates but also from new functions. The new stable and consistent quality of connections and new security functions now guarantee TECE interruption-free operation, without any downtime.

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