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SAP Concur at NTT DATA Business Solutions Benelux

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions:

  • Our very first SAP Concur implementation. We wanted to test that first, with our own employees.
  • We specialize in SAP and software implementations. Wherever possible, we prefer to implement a new solution in-house first.

With just a few clicks, a manager can now approve consultants’ expense claims anytime, anywhere. That saves a huge amount of time.

Jos Kosters, financial controller, itelligence* Benelux

Employees: 170 (2020, Benelux)

Turnover: MEUR 37 (2019, Benelux)

Challenges and Benefits


  • Improved efficiency of expense claim processing in the Finance Department of NTT DATA Business Solutions Benelux, by automating the manual claims process
  • Save time for both the Finance Department and consultants by simplifying the claims process
  • Make the claims process more targeted, smarter and therefore less prone to errors


  • Automated expense claims: SAP Concur identifies an expense claim and immediately allocates this to the correct expense item
  • Expense claims can be scanned and submitted anytime and anywhere using a mobile phone’s camera function and the accompanying SAP Concur app
  • No need for receipts; all expense claims are stored electronically after scanning
  • Improved involvement of project managers. In the app, they will see expense claims for each project at line level for their approval
  • Project managers can use the app to approve expenses anytime and anywhere
  • When an amount exceeds the project manager’s limit, the expense claim will be forwarded automatically to the unit manager for approval
  • A better understanding and overview of employees’ patterns of expenditure for each project
  • Exceptions and conditions relating to expense management are set up centrally. SAP Concur alerts users through the app when these are exceeded
  • Fewer errors through elimination of manual data entry
  • SAP Concur is a stand-alone platform and can be connected to any ERP package


  • SAP Concur
More Time and Better Understanding for NTT DATA Business Solutions: Simple Expense Process with SAP Concur

We simplified our expense management processes with our in-house implementation of SAP Concur. The outcome? Our consultants and our Finance department are over the moon and save precious time.

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More Time and Better Understanding for NTT DATA Business Solutions: Simple Expense Process with SAP Concur

Every financial controller’s dream? An app that scans a receipt using the camera function of a mobile phone, automatically allocates the claim to the correct expense item, alerts the project manager, with the question whether the expense claim is acceptable and, if so, automatically passes on the approval to the system. When SAP Concur was implemented, this dream became reality for NTT DATA Business Solutions’ financial controller, Jos Kosters, and his colleagues. The company has now worked with the intelligent SAP expense management solution for more than six months. The result? Happy consultants and a happy Finance department.

More accurate and faster

As well as saving time, the automated expense claims system offers so many extra benefits, making the entry of costs incurred by consultants even more accurate. Jos: “In SAP Concur we can set up all kinds of conditions and exceptions to the rule, or a spending limit for certain expenses can be set. If a portion of a certain expense has to be charged to the customer, this can also be indicated in the system. It is also easier to register receipts where, for example, the cost of items are split between two departments. It is easier for consultants to claim expenses and easier for me to process them.”

Kees: “When you scan your receipt, the app immediately identifies to which cost item the expense claim should be added. The only thing you have to do is check the amount and the entry. You can also easily indicate when you have paid for your colleagues. This can then immediately be sent to your manager or the project manager for approval. They can use the app on their phones to approve your expense claim anytime and anywhere. Useful
because, as a manager, you would usually have to sign a paper receipt, but now you can approve these from home in the evenings through just a couple of clicks in the app. In addition, managers can view the amounts and associated information at line level in the app; managers therefore have a better understanding and overview of the expenses booked against their project.”

More time for innovation

In the past, the Finance Department would spend on average three days a month entering, checking and approving expense claims, but Jos and his colleagues now need just a couple of hours a month to process the data. Jos: “SAP Concur means less manual entry work for us, less copying and pasting and because of that errors are less likely. What’s more: 99% of data from SAP Concur can be transferred to the SAP ERP system. SAP Concur allows us to work a lot more efficiently and we now have time for innovations and process optimizations that we didn’t get around to before.”

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