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Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • One of the largest international partners in the SAP ecosystem
  • Offers wide and comprehensive services as a result of having a corporate structure
  • Global expertise and industry-specific knowhow
  • Has a specialized team that is always accessible and able to fully understand the need and deliver a complete solution

With the vision of becoming a global solution partner of global architect societies and with more than 40 years of experience we continue our digital transformation journey with SAP Platinum partner itelligence* Turkey. Our project scope includes SAP Sales and Service Cloud solutions, with which we get to manage all our sales and aftersales cycles under one platform. While we can monitor all our sales processes from a single platform we can also track our operational processes in 27 countries. We can easily track all the processes on mobile devices, get meaningful analysis by cleaning customer and order
data, and achieve ultimate customer satisfaction by minimizing the time and operation load.

Musa Arda Koleksiyon System and Software Development Manager

Challenges and Benefits


  • Lack of stable structures in business processes
  • Difficulty in ERP integration and constant need for updates
  • Data pollution deriving from customer order processes
  • Issues in coordination with overseas due to different business processes
  • A bulky structure due to lack of a user-friendly platform
  • Not being able to respond customer requests and suggestions in time.


  • SAP Sales Cloud


  • Gathering all sales and aftersales cycles under one platform
  • Providing an end-to-end solution by transforming all processes of sales, marketing, campaigns, invoicing, store and production management to a single digital platform
  • Improving mobility of sales teams
  • Ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction by minimizing time and operation load
  • Standing apart through added value and personalized services
  • Standardizing sales processes and customer segmentation
  • Cleaning up customer and order data to obtain meaningfully analyses
  • Offering targeted campaigns and price offers
  • Achieving 360-degree customer tracking and improving market access
  • Ensuring that customer suggestions and complaints are managed swiftly
  • Accelerating and monitoring the internal processes
Koleksiyon Manages All Sales and Aftersales Cycles Under One Roof...

The project scope includes SAP Sales and Service Cloud solutions, with which all sales and aftersales cycles are managed under one platform.

Reda the full Story

Koleksiyon Manages All Sales and Aftersales Cycles Under One Roof…

Koleksiyon, being one of Turkey’s most deep rooted furniture manufacturers established in 1972, continues its development today with stores in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Bodrum and Gaziantep in Turkey, with offices in EU countries, the Middle East and the USA. Aiming to expand its global presence, standardize and accelerate sales, marketing and aftersales processes in international norms to gain momentum and flexibility, and ensure that all operational processes in Turkey, along with 27 other countries can be monitored via the same system, Koleksiyon chose NTT DATA Business Solutions as its guide on this wide-scale digital transformation journey.

The flexible and customizable structure of SAP C/4 HANA was an important factor for Koleksiyon for their search of a mobile and integrated platform. The sales team took the lead in this digitalization journey from the beginning, their ambition was to lead the competition with mobility, to have a standard platform in all branches countrywide, to create real-time analysis reports based on more qualified data, to create customer-centric front end, and to build a platform responsive to Koleksiyon’s future strategies.

Project implementation phase, carried out in cooperation of NTT DATA Business Solutions and the Koleksiyon team, consisted of four stages; preparation, analysis, adaptation & development, and go-live. The project was successfully implemented in less than a year following end-user tests and quality control processes conducted at each stage. Potential risks were minimized with analysis and control mechanisms carried out before the project, and industry-specific expertise of NTT DATA Business Solutions played a key role, particularly at this stage.

In addition to providing several advantages for sales teams and senior management at Koleksiyon, the SAP Sales Cloud solution also contributed significant added value to digitalization through customer-related services. The solution, which allows customers to manage and analyze their orders in real time, became an important step in terms of both digitalization and also improving brand recognition. Having an internationally standardized infrastructure in sales, marketing and aftersales processes helped to manage orders faster, easier and more flexibly. As the service quality of customer service teams increased, segmentation of customers could be made more easily. In short, Koleksiyon now moves toward its future strategies with more confidence, thanks to the SAP C/4HANA solution, a platform that minimizes the time and operation load, and ensures ultimate customer satisfaction.

As we standardized all the processes, we gained momentum and flexibility!

Our company set off on this journey in 1972 in Ankara, and today operates with high-technology and high-capacity production lines and 700 employees in 27 countries. Our aim is to always ensure ‘ultimate customer satisfaction’ and so far we took important steps in line with this vision. Thanks to the project we implemented together with NTT DATA Business Solutions Turkey in only a year, we have now standardized our marketing and aftersales processes in international norms, and gained momentum and flexibility. As a result, we are able to improve aftersales quality by accurately assessing customer demands and offering the most suitable products.”

Musa Arda
Koleksiyon System and Software Development Manager


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