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Why we've chosen NTT DATA Business Solutions:

  • Longterm relationship (more than 20 years)
  • Interdisciplinary SAP skill set
  • Business expertise
Even after 20 years, SAP software fulfils our expectations in every way. We are very happy with how the project was implemented by itelligence* – and the resulting benefits.

Alexander Reitmayer, Head of Commercial Operations, FINK TEC GmbH

FINK TEC GmbH, founded in 1966, is one of the largest privately run manufacturers of cleaning and disinfectant products for the food industry and craft businesses in Germany. The family company from Hamm supplies solutions for innovative hygiene management to the food and drinks industry and the agricultural sector. That includes developing customer-specific hygiene concepts as well as supporting customers with FINK TEC’s own application technicians. FINK TEC has a staff of roughly 150 and operates Europe-wide.

Challenges and Benefits


  • Intelligent material requirement planning to guarantee availability of materials and on-schedule procurement at all times
  • Planned work processes had to be assigned to machines and systems efficiently
  • Precise mapping of the commercial situation, giving management better control and planning instruments
  • Facilitation of employee deployment planning and tracking in direct coordination with the process workflow and controlling


  • Optimized capacity use via integrated access to relevant information
  • Economic management of employee resources
  • Automatic posting of business processes
  • Continuously integrated, up-to-date information
  • Simplification of management activities
  • Precise planning and inventory management
  • Ready for delivery within five days
  • Return on investment (ROI) after 3 years


  • NTT DATA Business Solutions SAP industry solution it.chemicals based on SAP ERP
FINK TEC GmbH, Hamm, Germany

20 years using SAP: The scalable solution maximises added value

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About the Project

The family company paved the way for this growth 20 years ago with a far-sighted decision:
NTT DATA Business Solutions AG convinced FINK TEC of the advantages of a then relatively unknown standard software solution – SAP. Based on SAP ERP, they produced the first customized solution for a medium-sized company, which proved groundbreaking both for FINK TEC GmbH and for NTT DATA Business Solutions.

In order to implement the requirements of FINK TEC in the new SAP ERP system, the Fink family’s former living room was converted into a “data center”: there, the joint project team worked hard to perfect the SAP solution. Standalone solutions and custom programs were gradually replaced by the central platform. The AM, CO, FI, HR, MM, PP and SD modules were installed first – successfully mapping asset management, controlling, financial accounting, human resources, materials management, production planning and sales & distribution in SAP.

“From the outset, a unique feature of the solution was its great flexibility”, explains Marion Fink, CEO, FINK TEC GmbH. “Over the years, we updated our SAP with NTT DATA Business Solutions and adapted it to our growth. We are now using the NTT DATA Business Solutions SAP industry solution it.chemicals, which provides presets for the most important industry-specific processes. We benefited from the NTT DATA Business Solutions team’s interdisciplinary SAP skill set and business expertise, which have enabled us to work together successfully for two decades – and really benefit from the cooperation.”

Today, the heart of the entire system is the MRP (Manufacturing Resources Planning) workflow. It not only offers raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods availability checks, but it also processes the entire planning workflow – from procurement, machine use and employee deployment to delivery to customers. “With this system, we can optimize our utilization and also keep our promise to supply customers within five days – one of our most important competitive advantages”, reports Alexander Reitmayer. The history available in the system also facilitates extremely reliable forecasting. As a result, free capacities can be fully used – for example, with long-term delivery contracts or orders from overseas.

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