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SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)

The Foundation for Digitizing Your Processes and New Business Models

The SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) provides your company with a wide range of services and tools to drive the modernization and digitization of processes, data, and business models through extension, integration, and development and innovation scenarios.

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SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)
SAP BTP is one platform for all business requirements

One Platform for All Your Business Requirements

The demands placed on companies by the market are constantly changing and the differentiation factor of a company is more important than ever. Standard processes and standard software alone are no longer sufficient to implement deviating requirements and processes. This is because they must be quickly and easily adaptable so that the company can react to the rapid changes.

It is therefore of great interest to companies how smoothly and quickly new applications can be integrated into existing IT systems. Also, in order to achieve as few failures and errors as possible in day-to-day business and consequently, to generate rapid added value.

What is the SAP Business Technology Platform?

The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is an amalgamation of existing and new SAP cloud services – e.g., the former SAP Cloud Platform with, among other things, analytics solutions and innovative technologies – into an overarching platform. The overall goal of the SAP BTP is to make companies more innovative and agile with the help of tools, applications and extensions.

The focus is on the four areas: integration and development, intelligent technologies, data analytics as well as data management. The diverse SAP BTP services can be used in cloud-based as well as hybrid system architectures.

With its comprehensive service portfolio and excellent usability, the SAP BTP therefore lays the ideal foundations for your journey towards becoming an intelligent enterprise. In doing so, the SAP BTP supports the implementation of countless business scenarios, such as introducing a cloud strategy or establishing a bimodal IT.

What Advantages Can You Expect?

Everything on One Platform

The SAP BTP enables companies to easily access a broad portfolio of services and tools in one central location. The clearly designed cockpit serves as the user interface, with which solutions can not only be found quickly, but also integrated and activated directly.

Modern User Interface and User Experience

With Fiori enhancements and development, SAP BTP offers more modern and customizable user interfaces for all applications. The resulting improved user experience supports the intuitive work of employees.

Ready-to-use and Expandable Services

The services and tools offered are preconfigured and can be seamlessly integrated into IT systems, where they can be used without further modifications. Companies also always have the option of adapting the services flexibly and agilely to suit customer-specific requirements and needs through individual developments.

Wide Range

SAP BTP is a Platform as a Service (PaaS), which means that not only can tools and extensions from SAP be used, but they can also be extended with technology from third-party providers. Companies can make use of a wide range of products and services that can be used to optimize their own business processes.

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Get Started with SAP BTP and NTT DATA Business Solutions

Innovations can only reach their full potential if they are perfectly integrated into an IT system. The same applies to the SAP Business Technology Platform and its countless services. As an experienced cloud partner – NTT DATA Business Solutions – is at your side to ensure that the integration runs smoothly.

After all, the SAP BTP offers your company a whole range of efficient services and tools on a modern platform that can be quickly and effortlessly integrated into your IT architecture with our support.

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The 4 Core Areas of SAP BTP

Integration and development of functionalities

Simplified Integration and Future-Oriented Development

By using the SAP Business Technology Platform, a company is focusing on flexibility, scalability and optimization. For this reason, the SAP BTP also pursues two central objectives:

1. Simplified Integration of Applications

The direct functionality of new applications and their integration into existing systems are often taken for granted – on the basis of legal requirements, for example. This is an essential aspect of the system landscape and, in most cases, also represents serious IT challenges that can be better mastered with the SAP BTP. This is due to there being a large number of pre-configured integration services for SAP and third-party solutions, as well as the SAP Integration Suite. This allows cloud-based applications, on-premise applications and processes to be integrated seamlessly. The SAP BTP can also be used to design and manage APIs and harmonize access to third-party cloud solutions.

2. Future-Orientied Application Development

In addition to easily integrating solutions, you can also start developing your applications. It is possible to adapt your SAP system landscape without major effort thanks to the SAP BTP side-by-side extensions. In addition, the SAP BTP follows the ‘keep the core clean’ philosophy. It therefore enables application logic to be outsourced to external systems, making upgrades even faster, more secure and less complicated – without affecting the functionality of older applications. For a simpler overview of all enhancements and developments, end users can access all web- and cloud-based applications from SAP as well as third-party providers, also on mobile devices, via the launchpad as a single point of entry.

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intelligent technologies
intelligent technologies core area of SAP BTP

Powerful Intelligent Technologies Across the Enterprise

Becoming an intelligent enterprise requires, among other things, the use of intelligent technologies. Only by integrating technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT) or robotic process automation (RPA) can companies ensure that end-to-end business processes operate at peak efficiency while allowing you to unlock your greatest innovation potential.

With the innovative technologies and tools offered on the SAP Business Technologies Platform, all of your company’s processes and workflows run far more effectively. These smart, automated solutions complete repetitive tasks, among others, allowing you to significantly reduce your workforce’s daily workload. As a result, your company not only operates more cost-efficiently, but your employees gain valuable time that can be used productively to further develop and drive innovation within your company.

optimizations by intelligent technologies
Data analytics

Efficient Options for Business Management with Data Analytics

Whether finance, production, purchasing or sales – each of your business units works more efficiently with KPI-oriented data analysis technologies. However, analytics not only helps with the needs-based identification of department-specific requirements for KPIs and control variables, but also enables a single point of truth, which centrally optimizes sharing information with all departments for analytical purposes.

Using advanced analytics solutions, you can accurately forecast future developments, allowing you to better tailor your business strategy. This is made possible by powerful technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence or machine learning, which are available to you pre-configured on the SAP BTP. These building blocks can be quickly implemented for analysis functions.

These pre-configured solutions enable large amounts of data to be collected from both internal and external sources, then analyzed. At the same time, detailed reports and visual dashboards provide you with all the information you need for improved business management. In addition, SAP BTP’s analytics solutions help with innovative control approaches and evaluating different reference architectures. Using the SAP Analytics Cloud solution, the SAP BTP also provides the next generation of business intelligence, planning and predictive analytics.

benefits of data analytics with SAP BTP
Data management
data management core area of SAP BTP

Optimized Data Management

To achieve long-term business goals and sustainable company growth, it is essential for data management to be as efficient as possible. After all, data is not only an important asset to modern companies, but also an essential basis for making decisions and minimizing risks.

As such, the importance of effective data management cannot be overemphasized. However, data management is made up of a whole range of tasks, and many companies are wasting valuable potential by failing to fully exploit all sub-areas. With the powerful data management solutions provided by the SAP BTP, you can change that by making your data management much more efficient.

improvements for your data management

SAP Business Technology Offers You Exactly What You Need?

Have the range of services, pre-configured functionalities and innovative technologies impressed you and would you now like to know how we can help you to quickly implement your application scenarios with the SAP BTP within your company?

Simply contact us – our experts would be delighted to advise you personally about the functionalities and advantages of SAP BTP!

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Why We Are Your Perfect Partner for SAP BTP

Trust in our extensive expertise – As a long-standing SAP Platinum Partner with over 30 years of experience in the digital industry, we have extensive expert knowledge of the SAP BTP and we also know SAP’s entire product and service portfolio. Working together with industry leaders like Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, we develop cloud-based and hybrid system architectures for our customers.

Build on our varied project experience – As your trusted partner, we offer you everything you need for your SAP BTP project to be successful. Our track record across countless global projects with customers from a wide range of industries speaks for itself. We know exactly which SAP BTP products offer you the greatest added value to best achieve your individual business goals.

Benefit from our own SAP BTP solutions – Almost 100 experts at NTT DATA Business Solutions work for you to move your business forward with the SAP BTP. We integrate the services of the SAP BTP into your company, thereby enabling individual enhancements, innovative process optimizations and important insights into data and KPIs.

Are you now curious and would you like to learn more about us, or even discuss a potential partnership in relation to your own SAP BTP project?

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In addition, we have some offers for your company, with which you can optimize the use of the SAP BTP for your company. Why not see for yourself? Visit our AddStore, where you can get an overview of our workshops and components. With us as your partner, you not only unlock the SAP BTP’s full potential, but you also gain access to the entire range of our proprietary developments and service offerings.

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